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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-Judgement Part 2 (Shun drops both of his blades as he skids across the ground.)

"Damn. He has improved his speed and strength beyond anything I would have imagined," said Shun. (Dosa readies his weapon at Shun.) "Shit... It is not over yet. I can't just up and go just yet," mumbled Shun.

(He then has a flash back to where he and Hiro where talking about the mission. He remembers the Kunai that Hiro gave him, and remembered that the Hokage wanted him to use it if he were in a dire situation.)

"That's it," said Shun. (He pulls out the Kunai and at the last moment parries Dosa's weapon. As he parries it, a cloud of smoke appears.)

"What is going on here," asked Dosa. (In the smoke a cloaked warrior appears. He locks eyes with Dosa.)

"Uzumaki Sense," said Dosa. "That's it, it was a transformed shadow clone," smiled Shun. (Dosa and The Hokage lock eyes.)

"Shun quickly, get over here," said The Hokage. "What the hell, how come Dosa isn't attacking," said Asura from far away. "Should we get them," said SNA Troop. "I'll monitor them for now, I'll call the signal soon," said Asura. (Asura's eye closely monitors them.)

"Sorry about earlier. If I didn't go hard on ya, the whole mission would be shot," said Dosa. "What the hell is this all about Hokage? Why was I kept in the dark," questioned Shun. "We have more important things to worry about, such as these troops, this man, and the meteor," said The Hokage.

"SNA, I need more detail," asked Shun.

"We as well as our allied nations used them in the war however, due to their experiments, half of ones that survived gone out of control while the other half were of use though a large portion died as a result of the brutal enhancement process. We weren't able to control them. It was only a matter of time before the ones that we could control, would go off on their own and try to protect the failed projects.

After all the experiments, they felt like brothers after all. They grew angry when the when we decided to eradicate the specimens. They were test subjects of unbelievable talent. We couldn't let them linger. This meteor is a result of them being left alone.

After losing trust in them due to previous examples, in order to protect the villages, we had no choice but to capture them and restrain them. They grew hostile and I've been tracking them for years. Maybe, it was our fault from the beginning I don't know anymore. Their goals are uncertain.

But we still need to stop them, That is why I had Dosa under go a similar program and had him infiltrate their groups. Only someone with similar reflexes would suffice. Good thing we didn't lose Dosa, thanks to his strong will," said The Hokage.

"No wonder why I was no match for him. His abilities are hardly what I'd call human," said Shun.

"I'll hold them off," said Dosa. (Dosa rushes over to intercept them.)

"Dosa, you betrayed us. How could you, and you were one of us," mentioned Asura. "Heh, heh. Doesn't matter now. You guys aren't going anywhere anytime soon," said Dosa. "Fool... It is not wise to be changing sides," said Asura. (His eye pierces his comrades and they all attack Dosa at once.)

"This meteor. There is only one way to deal with it now. Are you familure with the Mass Sealing Chakra method," asked The Hokage. "Yeah, but I don't have nearly the chakra to perform such an S-Rank sealing technique," said Shun. "Don't worry about it. Although I'm a shadow clone and my chakra is halved, I am the host of the Kyuubi. I'll lend you the chakra," said The Hokage.

"Why don't you do it then," asked Shun. "Well, umm. I've never been good with sealing techniques," laughed The Hokage. "Damn Hokage. He is as foolish as he looks. Fine I'll do it. What is it, all 12 hand seals in standard order and then finally all 12 in reverse order for a total of 24 handseals, got it covered," said Shun.

(The Hokage pulls out the Forbidden Scroll and lays it out. Shun prepares the handseals, while The Hokage places his hands on his back. Immediately Asura comes rushing in to interupt the party.)

"Damn, we won't be able to hack it," said Shun. (The Hokage soon smiles as a large wall that stretches wide and high stops Asura and shields the Hokage. From afar Teru appears and lands somewhere near the battlefield.)

"So, this is the guy. The SNA leader. We were told to restrain him under all circumstances. Must be an extremely powerful person if it requires some of the strongest shinobi from 5 Great Countries," said Teru. (Behind him, various and many troops from the allied nations amass and surronds Asura as he rebounds from the attack and gazes at how far wide and up the wall is. The scene soon switches to the other side of the Huge Earth Wall.)

"So, this was the aide Hiro was talking about. You really are sharp," said Shun.

(Back to the action.)

"If you allied nations think you can just seal up my gift to the world, you've all been mistaken. You all turned your backs on us. Now, we'll turn the world upside down.... From the abyss of devastating opression. I call forth the warriors the forbidden. Rise Now my army," yelled Asura. (He places his hands on the ground and summons many SNA troops.)

"Human summons," said The warrior from the Earth Village.

(After a long adventure, Ryu drops in from the Sky and effectively kills one of the SNA members with a downard slash of his blade.)

"Any one waitin n' line to die come stand right up, it's free admission time for ass kickin," yelled Ryu.

(Switch Scene to Raitie, she immediately dissapears. The area is reduced to rubble. The Three Anbu are knocked out cold and blood is sprayed everywhere.)

Next Time: Allied Nations vs. SNA A battlefiled of Unreasonable Porportions.
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