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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“Alright SNA leader, stop.” Says the warrior from earth village.

“Leader? Me? No no no. Foolish ninja. I’m no leader. I’m just the middleman between these boys and the higher ups. Their progress and report will be directed to me and I will report to the higher ups. And the same for the higher ups. Their order will go through me and I will tell these boys what to do.” Explain Asura.

“Then if we restrain him we will get info bout this SNA bullshit, right?” ask Ryu. The Earth warrior nods. “Then we kick his ass!!!!!!!!!” scream Ryu and he charged at Asura and the SNA ninjas. The ninjas retaliate and charge towards Ryu.

3 days before the fight

Mist Village.

The Mizukage is sitting in her room, looking at a ninja carrying a large sword on his back that looks like Zabuza's with little changes and have an eye patch on his left eye.

“Hokage just told me about SNA.” Says the Mizukage.

“So?” ask the ninja. “Don’t give me that, Shisio. You are one of them right. Or at least was, Mist Slasher.” Sasy the Mizukage.

“I’ve cut ties with them. So what now. You want me to chase that rock?” ask Shisio. The Mizukage takes a deep breath and nods her head.

“Figures. No. I want to find who kills Amy.” Says Shisio. The Mizukage expression changes and seems to regret something.

“Amy, I sent her as a spy to get SNA to join the Mist Village. I bet they kill her.” Says the Mizukage. Shisio looks and punches the office wall. He look at the Mizukage with anger in his eyes.

“You want SNA to join us?” ask Shisio.

“Yes.” Says the Mizukage


“What SNA lacks is quantity. But they make up with their quality. If we can get them on our side, the other village can be destroyed easily.” Says the Mizukage.

“You want to start another war?” ask Shisio.

"No. I want to protect the village interest." says Mizukage.

“Then I kill them all and dump their corpses at the nearest forest.” Says Shisio and he turn to leave the office. “And one more thing Shisio. I heard Hiro is also on this mission.” Says the Mizukage. “I will kill Hiro and dump his corpse at the nearest bog.” Says Shisio and he touch his eye patch. “Both of you fought each other many times during the war, and the results are the same. Draw. You remember when you formed the Devil platoon.” Says Mizukage. Shisio stand silently at the office door. “You remember do you? You and your platoon stay behind enemy line, cut off their support lines, dismember the enemy body and make it look like it’s the devil’s work. Then you meet Hiro and both of you fought. You gave Hiro a scar on his chest and he gave you a scar that makes your left eye blind.” Says the Mizukage. Shisio walks and close the door shut. The Mizukage smiles devilishly.

“The master of wind and the master of the sword will clash again.” Says Asura as he emerged behind the Mizukage." Why would you tell him about Hiro? You want reawaken the blood thirsty side of him?" ask Asura.

"Yes. If Konoha lost its Aerial Hatchet, it will be a major blow to them."

The Mizukage smiles and took a file from her drawer. “This is it? The location where the tail beasts are seal?” ask Asura. The Mizukage nods and ask Asura about the meteor. “The meteor makes the sky shines. And a good decoy wouldn’t you say, Mizukage. If what inside here is true, the higher ups will consider your proposal.” Says Asura as he disappeared.

Shisio who was behind the wall out side of the office heard it all.

“Not my problem. But surely gets Hiro's attention." says Shisio.

At the battle location.

Shisio is standing at a hill looking at Ryu and the earth warrior as they cut through the enemy lines.

"I don't see Hiro here. But that guy......" says Shisio as he looks at Asura.

Ryu cuts through the ninjas and getting closer towards Asura and when he gets closer, Ryu give a loud roar and use his blade to cut Asura in two. The blade hits and ripped Asura in two, but it seems likes Asura's body is made out of air. The cut went through him like it was nothing. Asura just smiles.

"Ever heard of the phrase, heart grabbing?" ask Asura. Before Ryu can answer, Asura plunged his arms into Ryu's chest and grab his heart. Ryu give a loud scream and his body starts to shake. Asura just smiles and began to grab Ryu's heart harder until Ryu falls to his knees. The earth warrior watches the scenes runs towards Asura but was blocked by several SNA ninjas. He makes a few handseal and says

"Earth elements: 13 Earth poles." and 13 poles comes out from the ground and hit all the ninjas, and makes the way towards Asura clear. Asura looks at the earth warrior and pull out his arm and Ryu falls unconcious. Suddenly an earth pole emerged next to him, forcing Asura to jump away.

"He avoided?" ask the Earth Warrior. He then makes few handseals and 13 earth poles emerged and attack Asura, but all of them went through him. Asura runs towards the Earth warrior, but suddenly another pole emerged underneath Asura, caught him by suprised, forcing him to avoid it. He looks at The Earth ninja direction but he wasnt there. The Earth ninja appeared behind him and attempt to end Asura with his sword. Asura makes one hand seal:

"Time jutsu: Slow." And the Earth ninja movement become sluggish and slow. Asura turn around and give him a powerful kick to his neck, send him flying a few metres away.

"You figured out my space jutsu. I can only use it when I see an attack coming. So you attempt to trap me with those earth element jutsus. You are wrong if I only know space justus. Space and Time are one. If you master space, you also can master time. Thats how I can make you slow. But thats not all." sasy Asura while the Earth Warrior is standing up. Asura who stands metres away from him dissapeared in an instance and appeared infront on him with in less then a second, delivering hundreds of punches towards the earth ninja and finish it with a kick to the abdomen sending the ninja flying towards the forest area.

"I can fast forward myself too. When I finish with you. I'll take care of that traitor Dosa and his merry bands of leaves."

" One on one I'm dead. I need back up to deal with this monster." thinks the earth warrior as he sees Ryu tyring to full himself together as he sits beside a tree.

"I've got better things to do tonight than die." says Ryu

" This is not good." says Shisio. He unsheath his sword and send his fire elemet chakra to the blade and the blade began to glow red, and fire comes out from its steel.

" I'll kill that demon and throw his corspe at the nearest river." says Shisio

Shisio: Master of the sword with his near godly speed and nearly flawless sword style makes him a very dangerous man. He can't use genjutsu and have a limited knowledge of ninjutsu but makes up with his taijutsu and swordmanship. He can add elements to his sword and he can use both wind element and fire element to add more damage to his sword attack. During the last war he is known as the Mist Slasher.

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