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Re: NaruHina Fans

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
No you don't.

We're not Kishi however we read what Kishi has given us. No reaction to a confession of love means said person isn't fucking interested. This is a fact of life is it not? Naruto's affection towards Sakura is still shown after said confession. This is a manga fact which sides with NaruSaku. Not a single thought of Hinata has accorded other than when he found out that she's ok. This is a fact that discredits NaruHina. Based on facts that Kishi has given us we can only assume that Naruto has no romantic interest in the chubby stalker. As the facts that have been shown leed no hints towards such a thing. People who believe in this crap are no better than Obitards. To me you're all fucking dumbarses.
So I don't eh? Your one-liner says I don't admit that NaruSaku has an equal possibility? Prove it. You have all my posts here just one page back to have a nice and long look at it.

I really appreciate your view on this. This is what I expected as a proper reply. However there is still a possibility about NaruHina. This is Kishimoto we are talking about. So who knows what surprises he may pull?

And please do cut down on abuses. It doesn't look nice with your post. I never abused anyone and getting a similar non-abusive reply is a simple thing which is easy to do.

Originally Posted by rokudaime_hokage View Post
vengeance, you arent kishimoto!
I knew it. You just proved that you're just someone who doesn't like to admit facts on the other side. Did you see a certain person's post above? You would have noticed then that this and your previous post were nothing but pathetic. ^_^
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