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Re: Teen Driver Killed Trying to Save Petrol

There's obviously more than one way to use the word stop in this situation.

I was using it in the sense that the car was turned off, it stopped running (not moving, running. As in when something is on, like a fucking engine). I obviously didn't mean putting the brake on your car and stopping it completely. Because right after, I stated "try to dodge cars moving at 60-70 miles per hour." You can't exactly do that if your car isn't moving in the first place.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
You can't dodge anything if your steering wheel won't turn.
I know, which is why I only said the original idea of it is fun. But what you just wrote is the main factor as to why I wouldn't do it. Furthermore, with unwilling people in the car. But in the end, it was never his intention to have fun. The person now dead, I mean.

And he wasn't "extra strength stupid" just because he didn't know that the wheel wouldn't turn. It was a stupid decision, yeah. But it doesn't make him completely stupid unless he has been doing shit like that all his life.

"Wow, he didn't know one basic thing. He lacked some basic education on driving and cars. He's so fucking retarded now!"

Oh yeah, and I just have to say this again.

She got half of her face ripped off? God damn.

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