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Re: NaruHina Fans

Originally Posted by rokudaime_hokage View Post
@saiyaman ... Are you really gonna feel acomplish if i say that there is a small chance of naruhina happening? is that all you and the other guy are asking for? That's just pointless. so the manga facts presented by others (not you) are so uncertain that they are not trying to convince other people that naruhina is gonna happen, but rather convince me/us that it just hinted in the manga?

@SenninKorby ."the obsessive, rampaging NaruSaku fans"-- GTFO with your exaggerations.
Ahem, how many times should I tell you to read my post properly? Who even asked YOU to approve about something? lol?

Just because you think those facts are uncertain doesn't mean they are uncertain. They happened in the manga. That's good enough for us. We don't need you or anyone else to say whether they are good enough or not.

You're beginning to sound as though I said "Get over it. Your facts about Sakura and Naruto are so uncertain". Seriously man, I don't even know why I'm bothering to reply to you.

You started off as a troll, taunted and tried to provoke me into making a mistake so that you could stomp over me, but you failed miserably at it. Now you keep proving time and time again that you don't read people's replies properly.
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