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Re: Teen Driver Killed Trying to Save Petrol

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
You can't exactly do that if you turn the engine off either...

So no matter how you try to weasel out of it, the statement you made doesn't make sense. You can't stop your car/engine/whatever and dodge.
Which is the problem with the fucking plan in the first place. Holy shit. I only said try to dodge it. I never said actually dodge it. My main point was that I couldn't stop the car and try to dodge as that would be impossible. But while the car is fucking moving still (even with the engine off), I still have a chance to dodge it (it just depends on the direction my car is moving). I'm not trying to weasel out of shit. I know what the fuck I meant when I said something. And I know it made sense when regarding the original action of the kid. Fucking hell tarts.
Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Not knowing basic things about an 800lb machine that you travel around in at 60mph, things that could easily get you killed for not knowing, is pretty fucking stupid.
Correction. It was only ONE basic thing. Not "basic things."
Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
That's like saying someone who put on lead boots and decided to take a stroll at the bottom of a lake without an oxygen tank isn't stupid. What? He didn't know he couldn't breathe underwater. No biggie, nothing to call a guy stupid for, amirite?
No you aren't. To not know that you cannot breath underwater must mean that person is retarded (or that person received no education in his enitre life). But to not know that the steering wheel locks up after taking the keys out of the ignition really isn't that bad in comparison to the first.
Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Also, I said he was stupid. You know, foolish, careless. He was stupid, foolish, careless. Was he not? Of course he was, so it's perfectly justifiable to say so. I didn't say anything about him being completely stupid in every aspect of his life, ever. Brush up on your reading comprehension before trying to call people on shit, slick.

In any case, there's a difference between someone doing a stupid act for one time and being stupid in the first place. If you call someone stupid, especially when you use the words "extra strength", that means you are saying he has low intelligence. Low cognition. He has a slow mind. And, maybe he actually does. But from one stupid decision you cannot decide that. Justifiably, at least.
Originally Posted by Mal View Post
So then he stopped the engine, not the car.
Holy shit. Seriously? This is just dumb ass semantics. Do I really even need to get specific? Do I?

It could mean the same thing both ways. When I say stop a car, it can rightfully mean stop the car from running. Such as the engine. YOU just got it confused. For some reason, you didn't consider the alternative meaning to my statement. Why you didn't, I have no idea. Did you think I didn't read the article? Of course I did. I knew exactly what I was typing. So of course my statement would be corresponding to exactly what the kid did. Since I'm saying the idea would be fun. And that's where I got it from, the article. You underestimated me, thinking I made some kind of mistake. But I didn't. My meaning is there. It's just not a specific one. The engine is part of the car. By stopping the car from running, I am stopping the engine. It can make sense. But you should know that based on logical reasoning. Why would I mean stopping the car from moving? 1.) That isn't what the kid did, and 2.) I would have no chance of dodging. Come on now, Mal.

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