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Re: Teen Driver Killed Trying to Save Petrol

Originally Posted by Fayrra View Post
Which is the problem with the fucking plan in the first place. Holy shit. I only said try to dodge it. I never said actually dodge it. My main point was that I couldn't stop the car and try to dodge as that would be impossible. But while the car is fucking moving still (even with the engine off), I still have a chance to dodge it (it just depends on the direction my car is moving). I'm not trying to weasel out of shit. I know what the fuck I meant when I said something. And I know it made sense when regarding the original action of the kid. Fucking hell tarts.
Wait, wut? You just said you couldn't "stop the car and try to dodge as that would be impossible." (And you specifically specified to Mal that you meant stop the engine when you say 'stop the car') And then later in the same paragraph said that it would be possible.

Contradict yourself much? And you wonder why people don't get what the fuck you're talking about? Or why people say you're trying to weasel out of shit when you talk yourself in circles? Wow.

Correction. It was only ONE basic thing. Not "basic things."
Correction: You're wrong, again. Stopping your engine for a few seconds and then starting it again doesn't save gas, as starting your engine consumes about as much gas as idling for a minute. And you can't steer a car while the engine is off and the keys are out of the ignition. Even if he didn't know the latter, he would have been fine since he wouldn't have turned off the engine and taken out the keys in this particular scenario if he had known the former.

Way to try and nitpick, and still fail. Next time try using a bit of logical reasoning before trying to call people on stupid shit.
No you aren't. To not know that you cannot breath underwater must mean that person is retarded (or that person received no education in his enitre life). But to not know that the steering wheel locks up after taking the keys out of the ignition really isn't that bad in comparison to the first.

The analogy is perfectly fine. In both cases a person didn't know something VITAL TO THEM NOT DYING. Hell, I could probably argue that not knowing your car's steering wheel locks when you take the keys out is worse. It's easier to test on your own. I do it accidentally when reaching for something in the other seat sometimes. How would I figure out that I need to breathe to not die? Hold my breath? I'll just pass out and wake up. All I learn directly is that I need to breathe to not pass out. Tape a bag over my head or stay underwater? I'll die and won't learn anything.

Or I could look it up somewhere. Same thing I could do if I was trying to save on gas. If that kid typed "gas saving tips" in a google search he'd know turning his car off wouldn't save gas, since that's exactly what I just typed in to learn that myself (Though, not being an idiot, I already assumed as much.). And he wouldn't have died, just like my hypothetical lead boot guy wouldn't die if he did an ounce of research.

tl;dr=The analogy is fine. And you're stupid.


In any case, there's a difference between someone doing a stupid act for one time and being stupid in the first place. If you call someone stupid, especially when you use the words "extra strength", that means you are saying he has low intelligence. Low cognition. He has a slow mind. And, maybe he actually does. But from one stupid decision you cannot decide that. Justifiably, at least.
Oh, so you're telling me what I meant now? I had to have meant that the person has low intelligence overall? I couldn't have possible been using the definition that I provided which makes a fuckload more sense given the context? No way he was "extra strength" careless, foolish when he did something that got himself killed and seriously injured other people? Saying that doesn't make any sense at all? Completely ridiculous and totally unjustifiable, right?

Get real. You're so bad at the whole logic and reasoning thing. Pathetic wouldn't even be close to describing how horrible you are. It would be absolutely laughable if you really thought you didn't suck at this. Your location is exactly right. You're fucking submerged in the vast, manly seas of reasoning that Mal and I are dumping all over you. Too bad none of it is rubbing off.

If you meant that you engage the study of reasoning whole-heartedly, however, LOLOLOLOLOL. Wow, indeed.
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