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Re: Teen Driver Killed Trying to Save Petrol

Originally Posted by Fayrra View Post
Looks like you misunderstand. Or you are just trolling. I really don't give a fuck. I'll explain my logic anyway:

I was explaining to Mal that it would be impossible to dodge a car if I literally stopped the car I was in from moving. Therefore, I wouldn't want to do that as my goal is to dodge it. So, I couldn't possibly have meant that I wanted it to literally stop its motion completely. Instead, I would stop the car, by turning it off (taking the keys out and stopping it from running) yet it still being in motion. Giving me a bit of a chance for the dodge. Get it now? Jesus crap.
I misunderstood nothing. I said you contradicted yourself. You did. No misunderstanding on my part.

Yes. It's probably my favorite word. But you can almost always find a way to contradict human's actions. That's just how humans are. It's like wanting to die, yet not wanting to. You want to die because you feel pain in this world. Yet at the same time you have physical attachments to it. So you don't want to die. Isn't that a contradiction? Yet, isn't it an okay one? A reasonable one?
Okay, then, I was wrong. So two things he didn't know.
I'm not talking about people. I'm talking about your argument. Contradictions in an argument make for a poor argument.

Okay, then, I was wrong.
Apology accepted.

It isn't the fucking same. Holy shit. You are just sugar coating it to make it sound the same. Observe:
Majority of the time you would let go of your breath before even getting that far. Why is that? Even a retard would do it as well. Why? Well, it's simple. Instinct. You start to feel this incredible pain in your chest, you start to panick. Even without any kind of knowledge you know your body needs the air. You breath air instinctively. Without even thinking about it.

So judging from that, you would know not to go into that situation again (even animals would). Unless you were a psychopath or retarded on high levels (or couldn't feel pain). What probably killed the idiot that walked into the lake was the lead boots. Because I'm sure he would have tried to gone up otherwise, even without the knowledge of needing air to live.

The key/wheel thing however, is not something you can assume upon instinct. All it takes is just one moment where he was not paying attention (basically whenever he learned or came across the info that the steering wheel locks before) and he could have missed that VITAL INFO TO THEM NOT DYING that you so graciously talked about. Does that really make him super strength stupid? Nah. Not on my account. Definitely not a way to accurately judge such a thing.
Are you aware of what an analogy even is? Of course they're not exactly the same in every aspect. If they were, they'd be the same damn thing. There would be no analogy.

In both cases, the person is lacking vital basic knowledge that is key to him not dying in a particular scenario. You cannot argue against that fact. They are comparable in that respect, and that the only thing I'm using to compare the two. Making it a perfectly accurate analogy.

Also, what you said is pretty dumb. Breathing is an automated process of the body similar to how your body pumps blood throughout itself. You can manually breathe, but you can't hold your breath and die. You'll pass out and your body will start breathing automatically again. And holding your breath, feeling pain, and then not doing that again is the exact opposite of instinct. It's a learned behavior. No matter what, you cannot logically come to the conclusion that you need to breathe to live based on those factors alone.

Pain =/= death. I could lightly bite down on my thumb until I felt pain all I want and I won't die. Your body craving air doesn't prove that you need to breathe to live either. Withdraw symptoms from various drugs can be extremely violent and painful. If someone quits smoking after doing it for 25 years he's going to be hurting a fuckload, and his body is going to be craving nicotine. Yet he doesn't need to smoke to live. Again, you cannot make a logical argument that you need to breathe to live based on the things you listed alone. Not that any of that even matters in relation to how my analogy is perfectly fine, of course. I just like pointing out how stupid you are.

Oh, well sorry for assuming you would use the actual definition for stupid. And FYI: Foolish is too light a word to be interchangable with stupid. Stupid means lacking intelligence. Slow of mind. It can also mean unintelligent or careless decisions. But that simply means the decisions were stupid. That is how you use it in that context. It's not for the person himself. Know the difference. Because, there is one.

I did use the actual definition: acting in an unintelligent or careless manner

It's an adjective. I used it to describe a noun. So I'm good there. I used the term to describe a person who acted in an unintelligent and careless manner. So at least one definition of the word applies within the context used. I'm good there too. So looks fine to me. Then again, I'm not an idiot. I don't need grammatical lessons from you, of all people, that's for sure. Isn't this like the third time I've had to bust out the online dictionary for you? lulz indeed.

This supposed to make me feel bad or something? Is it supposed to discourage me to keep responding? lol. And I keep telling you I'm crazy, but you just don't want to listen. And this "manly" shit makes me want to puke. It sounds so homoerotic. Not to mention sexist. "Gentlemen," now that's a word I can can understand. The type that love the ladies. And don't treat them like a douche would. Yet still have class and style.
Don't flatter yourself. I don't give a shit about how you feel or what you do. I just call things as they are.

And of course you hate our manliness. You're a pussy. And if I would limit myself to just words you can understand then I wouldn't be able to say much, for obvious reasons to those who aren't stupid.
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