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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
Well, we've got some things to wait for: What Sakura says to Naruto, Naruto's response to Hinata's confession, and when Sakura and Sasuke actually have a conversation. lol.
Indeed. Though I feel the the best time for Naruto's response towards Hinata's feelings has passed, I feel it would have been ideal to have the discussion happen after the battle with pain. Not to say the moment won't happen eventually, but it sort of feels like it got lost in the mix of the story.

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
Gotta say atm I have some pet-peeves with all of the pairings. Naruto hasn't acknowledged Hinata's confession since going 8-tails and meeting his father. Hopefully now that the Rookies + Team Gai are going after Sasuke, she'll get a chance to speak with Naruto....
Hopefully, though at the moment it's still uncertain what the rookies course of action will be in these times. Who knows when it will be the next time that Naruto and Hinata speak again.

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
Sakura has to have other people point out how Naruto feels when he's been asking her out since the beginning (kinda annoying that she can't even realize how he feels, or for that matter, how she feels... without Yamato or Sai, two people who weren't around for Part 1). It just seemed like a huge 'guilt-trip' to me. Naruto is not saving Sasuke just for Sakura, and there is no way that Sakura is really causing him the most pain... c'mon, all of Part 2 has said otherwise until now. o.O
Well as far as Sakura goes, I feel that she has always known that Naruto had a thing for her at the start of the series but didn't really think much of it. Then after the time skip she may have felt that his crush for her died, seeing as he was concentrating all his power in bringing Sasuke back. Also the fact that he asked her out on dates could have been down played in her mind as something guy's just do.

As far as Sai's speech, I did feel that he was being a little harsh on Sakura. Though in my opinion Naruto does feel at least some pain about not being able to tell Sakura how he really feels about her, I also dont think that it would automatically place her as the source for most of his pain. Also I feel that Naruto wants to bring Sasuke back for team 7 in general as they all want him back for on reason or another.

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
and the idea that Sakura may actually ask Naruto to stop trying to save Sasuke, when her goal in Part 2 'was' to protect them both... Can't Sakura retain any strength of character and show some perseverance? Regardless of her romantic affections and where they may rest? I was a huge Sakura fan so I just don't like how she's being handled. =/
As far as ending the chase to rescue Sasuke goes, I feel that it's not because Sakura would want to, but because of the situation their in. If they continue to support Sasuke, it could very well mean a beginining of a war which would cost Konoha hundreds if not thousands of deaths. Then you have to ask your self, is one life worth the lives of thousands ?
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