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Re: NaruHina Fans

It appears you DO need visual aids Saiyaman, as you have either a very selective memory or a short term one.

Originally Posted by saiyaman View Post
Are you Kishimoto? You are not. So unfortunately and fortunately, you can't say what is a closure for something. At chapter 437, many thought that NaruHina was going to happen for sure and that it was a NaruSaku closure. Thoughts like that are only childish because you want only that to happen. Learn to think from both the sides. And by the way for your information, I was neutral to these pairings at that time.

But not now. I like NaruHina. So do you see me posting around that "HAY this is proper development. No chance for NaruSaku. Anyone else who thinks otherwise is a idiot"? Things like that only make the argument look frail and useless.

Anyways did you even bother to read my post properly or are you simply trying to force your opinions? When did I even disagree with the development given to NaruSaku? Heck I didn't even mention it.

So once again since you aren't Kishimoto, I can and everyone can and always will compare the development of NaruSaku with the development of NaruHina. If you don't agree to this, you are simply trying to insist on something instead of presenting a proper argument.

You said I'am incorrect? You said continuous portrayals? Are you trying to crack a joke here? There has been absolutely NO development in NaruSaku and NaruHina after Yamato had his say. Until 437 when NaruHina was pushed. Until 457 or so when NaruSaku was pushed.

And yet again you display ignorance that you haven't read my post. When the heck did I even ignore the development given to Sakura? Seriously man, can't you give a better argument than this? You are replying for something which never existed in my post, directly or indirectly. :|

Finally, have you heard of something called as a plot? You think Kishimoto would end the story without resolving two important plot threads known as NaruSaku and NaruHina?

Duh, it's obvious that Sakura's feelings were brought into the light. Same as Hinata's. And for your kind information, is it that hard to figure out that there is still the equal possibility that Naruto might grow to like Hinata? He said "I like people like you" at a time when nobody was even willing to talk to Naruto like a friend. Sakura? She was busy trying to make sure Mr.Uzumaki "Annoying" Naruto stayed clear of her.

Originally Posted by Kakugo View Post
Saiyaman... for one to complain that the NS crowd is demonstrating flamboyant or rude behavior, you are sure one to talk. It appears you are unable to conduct yourself in a civil discussion without either the constant need to repeat statements that we've long since processed already, but you are completely disregarding any counter arguments to your claims.

When the fuck did I make the retarded ass statement in proclamation that I am or that I know of what Kishi's intentions are? I am giving my personal take on Hinata's confession segment, and I personally believe that it was a closure to not only any further "potential" NH development, but to her personal development as well - and the smiling approval from Hinata in 450 when Naruto and Sakura held that affectionate display in front of the entire village, and not to mention that Hinata has not once made a significant appearance since that ordeal, shows to me that her purpose had been served. The fact in that she was willing to bring her life to an end in that very instant in exchange for the opportunity to both demonstrate personal growth on her part AS WELL AS the chance to come forth with her feelings, is closure. You refer to my thoughts as being childish because it doesn't agree with your viewpoint.

Don't fucking tell me to learn to think from both sides, because I sure as fuck have been. I have been following this manga since its very release, and long before the US even knew of its existence. I have analyzed and intensively followed the plot/storyline throughout the 10 years that this manga has been in its progression, so I can assure you that any conclusions, theories, or ideas I personally interpret or present had come from actually thinking things through.

I really think you have selective reading. I never said that NH is impossible, did I? I said in comparison to NS, I find it to be extremely unlikely. The only individuals I find to be idiots were those who have ever questioned Naruto's feelings for Sakura, as its been goddamn obvious since chapter 3 of the manga that hes always held romantic interest in her - and guess what? It's been, confirmed, and reconfirmed numerously that he holds romantic interest in her still, as has also been demonstrated in the recent manga chapters.

I could say the same with you as well. You misinterpreted many of my statements in thinking that I've said "NS IS CANONZ" or "I AM KISHI I KNOW WHATS GONNA HAPPEN" or "NH WILL NEVAR HAPPPENZ". That, my friend, is childish.

And if you aren't denying the development between Naruto and Sakura, then please tell me, how do you so firmly believe that NH and SS are more likely to occur than NS, ESPECIALLY considering that not only does NS have the most hints in making the pairing more likely than not, but also has all of the necessary elements required to establish a romantic relationship when the other 2 pairings simply do not? NH and SS lack what NS does not - chemistry, development, interactions, mutuality, continuity, bonding, general time spent together, growth, and much more.

Do you know why NS and NH cannot be compared in terms of development? It's rather simple. NH lacks it, NS does not. Give them equal grounds in terms of development both in quality AND quantity and then maybe we can talk.

Yes I said your incorrect, because you are. Yamato's lines were given in chapter 297 - and your telling me that they had not had any development whatsoever since that long ago? Is this a serious statement? Since that point, Naruto and Sakura have had continuous development both individually AS WELL as together. A few chapter examples are as follows: 298, 299, 301, 302, 305, 307, 308, 310, 311, 338, 343 (ramen scene anyone?), 346, 350, 352, 383, 404, 405, 408, 409, 429, 430, 438, 442, 443, 450, and so on (need I mention the recent manga chapters as well?).

Do you see the pattern here? Not only is it consistent development, but its in both quantity and quality. Is it enough that I gave you the chapter numbers to illustrate my point, or do visual aids suit you better?

The only person demonstrating ignorance in this thread is you, because you chose to deliberately ignore any counter argument in which are not in favor to your preferred pairing. Don't ask me if I have any better arguments to use, ask yourself - since you seem to have none other than "YOU AREN'T KISHIMOTO" or "NH STILL HAS A CHANCE GUYZ".

Exactly. And as has been demonstrated in the recent manga chapters, Kishi is doing that quite nicely. Tell me though, when has NaruHina EVER been plot relevant exactly, excluding the possibility of 437 and the very little interaction they've had during the chuunin exams?

Use some common sense. Do you honestly believe that with the current fast moving pace of the plot, and the story slowly but surely approaching its climax, that there is still time to develop Naruto and Hinata's relationship, and in such that would overshadow Naruto and Sakura's extensively developed relationship? Not only that, but to make it both realistic AND manageable? I suppose it needs not mentioning that Kishi once again brought to light Naruto's love for Sakura - but who cares what Naruto thinks/feels, and who cares that Sakura is very likely to return his feelings as has numerously been foreshadowed, right? Only Hinata seemingly matters.

Here are some puzzle pieces to add together:
  • Naruto loves Sakura, and has never once seen Hinata as anything more than a comrade/friend, yet alone in a romantic light.
  • Sakura used to have feelings for Sasuke, has not once demonstrated that she still holds "true" to her prior infatuation with him since part 1, and has numerously demonstrated growth and evolution in her feelings towards Naruto in part 2.
  • Hinata loves Naruto.
  • Sasuke has never once shown any romantic interest in Sakura, and currently still does not.

So tell me, which of these individuals seemingly carries the most mutuality in terms of romantic exchanges as well as general development? Think about it constructively and with unbiased views and it will all make sense to you.

Every single post I've made has been in reply to YOUR responses to MY posts.

And instead of continuing to contradict yourself by saying that you are being civil and that you agree with very NS argument that's been presented thus far when really all you have been doing is proclaiming "YOU AREN'T KISHI" or "NH HAS A CHANCE GUYS" without any counter points to back up your bias claims, how about you actually take some fucking time to thoroughly reply to my posts that I made to you earlier. Go ahead, I'm waiting.
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