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Re: NaruHina Fans

Originally Posted by Kakugo View Post
It appears you DO need visual aids Saiyaman, as you have either a very selective memory or a short term one.

Every single post I've made has been in reply to YOUR responses to MY posts.

And instead of continuing to contradict yourself by saying that you are being civil and that you agree with very NS argument that's been presented thus far when really all you have been doing is proclaiming "YOU AREN'T KISHI" or "NH HAS A CHANCE GUYS" without any counter points to back up your bias claims, how about you actually take some fucking time to thoroughly reply to my posts that I made to you earlier. Go ahead, I'm waiting.
Shiz, I like this guy. =D

Everything Kakugo wrote was based on the comment I replied to him? You are an escapist aren't you? Except one post which was directed to every NaruSaku fan which was my first post, all the others have been quoted and directed at YOU, Mr.Troll. I thought you were intelligent enough to see at least that but I was wrong after looking at this post wasn't I?
Nobody should call nobody Mr. Troll. Anywhoo... For a serious point of view on this matter, there is a strong possibility of NH than NS based on the facts from manga and the circumstances that could lead to NH. But then... Naruto will end up in the mountains, as I predicted. <ohlolsrs>

삳 압. 유 아 이스투피드.

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