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Re: NaruHina Fans

Originally Posted by rokudaime_hokage View Post
Again with the smartass comments... but yes I did read your last comment soo..... apology accepted

Isnt that the same fucking thing? What is the fucking point of telling other people that, if it isnt to convince that you got a point or that your right?
What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously... are you fucking sure that I'm the one trolling? Or are u just fucking stupid?

Isnt it as valid as his statement? What is the diference? (besides being directed to you)
Excuse me? When the heck did I even apologize to you? I misread Kakugo's post and I accepted my fault for it and apologized to him. As for you, I simply accepted my mistake which you are unable to correct in your case. Who's stupid now? Whatever happened before these two "misread" posts is all because you started it. I know you would have thought like "Hey let's taunt this guy and get out of the thread so that he would look like a fool trying to reply back". So yes I'm sure that you HAVE been trolling.

There's a difference between TELLING people something and CONVINCING people about something. Can't you read? It's a simple difference. So according to you, telling and convincing hold the same meaning now is it? I pity you.

What's the difference? There's a LOT of difference. And by the way that was not how you started off. Quit hiding and accept it. Your "poetic" interpretation of my post was a taunt and to cover it you wrote that reply, which didn't even say why the heck you thought that NaruHina wasn't going to happen.

LOL man you say "text to long get over it NaruHina isn't gonna happen" and we are supposed to take that dumb line? Add in the taunt and you will as good as realize why this has grown to a large extent.

I've seen so many NaruSaku fans, I've even had heated discussions regarding NaruSaku and NaruHina with them on this forum. They had the courtesy to reply properly to posts. Unfortunately, you aren't doing that.

You know what? I'm starting to believe that you are the ONLY what was it....."Obssesive rampaging NaruSaku fan" like one person wrote here. This post describes you very well:

Originally Posted by Ironclad View Post
Aside the few, NaruSaku fans or whatever these abortions should be called are just as single mindedly idiotic.

This degenerated into a simple hurt-play, just rubbing in inane stuff like "NaruHina is not going to happen" into our faces so their delicate egos could get reprieve. Way to go, highly socialized you are. We know the probability is low. We can live with it.
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