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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-Judgement Part 4

(In The Hokage's office. The Hokage is in a lone room by himself.)

"I guess my shadow clone has meet up with Shun and Dosa. I can feel my chakra being activated," Thought The Hokage.

(Switch scene onto the otherside of the iron curtain. The Shadow clone now has Kyuubi eyes as he presses his hand ontop of Shun's back.)

"How you holding up there kid," asked Hokage. "I"m doing fine. I had no idea this thing held so much chakra. I just hope the backup is able to hold themselves together long enough," said Shun.

"If we're lucky. But never give up hope," said the Hokage.

(Switch Scene to the Battlefield. Shisio takes notice of the meteor's energy being absorbed.)

"Asura mentioned the importance of that object. Heh, gots nothing to do with me. Aerial Hatchet. I quence my thirst of these baffoons first," said Shisio. (He immediately lands near Asura with his blade blazing.) "Though I could hardly care what happens to the world, your precious meteor is about to be sucked up," said Shisio.

"Take care of them and I promiss you a meeting with Konoha's Aerial Hatchet," said Asura.

(Switch to Ryu and Sasuke.)

"That's your cue. Konoha can root for all I care but if this project goes underway, my mission fails. Remember who you are boy. When it is time I'll come for you again, and explain to you the secrets of the Mangekyou Sharingan. When you are ready that is," said Sasuke. "Wait, about the," said Ryu before he is cut off.

"Fine, I'll just have to do with that shameless dead beat dad has to say anyway," said Ryu. (He rushes at top speed and appears in front of Asura once more as they are closer to the wall placed up by Teru and farther away from the other disputes.) "Hmm. You'll do good to get out of the way. That host of yours was nice, let me reinvent the scenario involving you this time," smiled Asura.

(Ryu activates the Sharingan.)

"WHat's this? Sharingan, impossible," said Asura. "I'd like to see you do that trick again. This time I'd like to see you weasal your way out of this one," smiled Ryu. (Ryu rushes at him with a Chidori Sword.)

(Switch Scene to Shisio. The Earth warrior draws his huge Katana from his back and parries Shisio's blade. They both grunt.)

"Oh ho... I had no idea that there were still shinobi out here with some real talent. Tell me, what is your name before I end your wretched life and drence your corpse in the river," said Shisio.

(Shisio's blade is nullified.)

"My name is Blake. Like that blade of mine. I call it the Blocker. I pour my chakra into it at the same intervals as the chakra in your blade connects with mine and then cancels the attack. A nifty idea I picked up. ARRGH," yelled Blake. (Blake uses one hand to hold Shisio still and then uses his free hand to toss a suprise short sword at his guts. Of course Shisio turns into a pile of smoke.)

"He's fast. He shouldn't be able to avoid my scout's knife with a suprise," said Blake. (From the side Shisio attempts to strike with his blade. However Dosa parries the blade with his weapon.)

"I didn't need your help Konoha spy," said Blake. "Well I thought I'd cut in anyway. This guy is trouble, let me tell ya," said Dosa.

(They are still parried together.)

"This man, his strength, it's unreal. Hey! You from Konoha right? Tell me, do you know a man named Hiro," asked Shisio.

"Heh, hehe. Ha, ha, ha... Hiro. How long since I've heard that name. Well I'll tell ya what. If you can get through me, you can get to Hiro. But let me tell ya, I'm the better deal Shisio," grinned Dosa.

"ARRGH. You know my name, who are you," asked Shisio. "Nothin more than a spectator to your battle with Hiro. He let ya live though. If I were em' I'd carry your head home with me, I'm not like that pathetic sap Hiro, I finish what I start not leave little war wounds over people's faces. Look at all em that popped out of no where. All dead... And you will, be too," yelled Dosa. (Dosa uses his strength and knocks Shisio forward a little, giving Dosa enough room to strike horizontally with his Sycthe.)

"Hmm. Not bad," said Shisio. (Shisio ducks and then channels wind into his blade and prepares to strike Dosa in the stomach while striking in a crouched position. Dosa does a backwards flip and then tosses his weapon at Shisio.)

"What wrecklessness. Tossing his own weapon away," said Shisio. (Shisio parries it however is shocked at the fact that Dosa quickly rushes into the fray unarmed and hook punches him in the face.Dosa Picks up his weapon weapon in mid air with his free hand and prepares to slash right through him.)

"Hmm. Dosa. He's not bad," said Blake from a back.

"Hah... I'm not clean like Hiro. THis ain't gonna end in a draw," said Dosa. (Shisio quickly gather his senses and vanishes into thin air. He then swings his sword, which causes a gust of wind to pumble Dosa's body. It quickly disperses into a shadow clone. The real Dosa attemps to strike at his blindside. But Shisio quickly uses his wind blade to parry and knock Dosa back slightly.)

"His reflexes are fast even against a trick out of Uzumaki Sensei's book.. Even with this SNA configuration in me, he's. Its like I'm fighting him again. Like I'm fighting Hiro. That strength and that amazing resilience. He should be down by now," mumbled Dosa.

"hah, hah, hah. It has been so long since I've recieved such a blow. You're brilliant... It pains me to kill you and dump your waste into the river," said Shisio. (Shisio then channels all five chakra natures into the blade at once, turning it into a cursed looking thing with a sick aura around it.)

"All five chakra natures hmm. A single person can't possibly manipulate all them at once. Not even Rina. Though I can't worry about her at the moment. Looks like I need to be serious too," said Dosa.

(Switch Scene to Ryu and Asura. Ryu rushes straight through Asura.)

"Hmm. Still not enough," said Asura. "I wouldn't be so sure you fool," smiled Ryu. "What is this," said Asura. (He notices a small cut on his face.)

"Just a few more run throughs as I'll have ya diced," said Ryu. "Don't get Cocky," said Asura.

(Asura glances up at the Seven mist swordsmen.)

(Switch Scene to Forested area. Laya, Nila, and Zig are further behind Hiro but notices the scenario.)

"Not so fast, Nila, we may bump into Hiro. We need to keep a very low profile," said Zig. "Yeah I know. He's in my sights. Though, that's the least of our worries," said Nila. "Yeah, I smell blood, and I smell lots of strong chakras up ahead towards that meteor," said Laya.

"But it is strange. I snuck out before and I swear it was much larger. Nah, maybe my imagination," said Nila. "Yeah, best not to worry about trivial matters," said Zig.

(Switch scene to Hiro. He finds the corpse of his former comrades. Near the battlefield.)

"Bruce, Rise, Braig. Who did this to you... Who ever it was must have been extremely powerful to defeat The Hokage's top brass Anbu. Sorry I wasn't there my friends. I need to hurry up. I can't let this go on anymore. SNA Bastards. You'll pay dearly for this. Fuck killing them, I'll slice their souls from existence if need be," said Hiro.

(Switch Scene to the Battle field. Dosa takes off his Jacket. He places tosses his Scythe to the side.)

"Hmm, not using your weapon anymore hmm," smiled Shisio. "Nah. Your monster of a blade would have it instantly. It is time I relied on my more cruelier methods. It has been awhile since I've used Ninjutsu, but give the circumstances I'm ready to bend my rules," said Dosa.

(Immmediately a lightning bolt strikes down. When it clears, it reveals Raitie.)

"Raitie. What the hell are you doing here," asked Dosa. "It seems you've betrayed us I've been watching for a while. Heh, I'll kill ya you know that right," said Raitie.

"He's mine, get lost or I'll kill ya both," said Shisio. (Immediately a huge gust of wind blinds everyone's eyes, the ground splits a little when a huge figure appears. He carries two insanely big short swords on his thighs. He has spiky hair and a evil mad man's face. His face looks like he craves the blood of the devil.)

"Hiro," mumbled Dosa. "HIRO," yelled Shisio. "The only one doing the kill would be me. The ones who has killed my comrades, I'll butcher you all. Who's ready for some skin to be shaved," said Hiro.

"The entire area is has now been infliced with a powerful wind. Its like his presence is causing the entire climate to change," said Blake.

(Teru stands back watching the area.)

"This man. His chakra is unbelievable," said Teru.

(Back to the Battle field.)

(He pulls his huge curved jagged teeth weapons called Mountain Cutters out, which causes waves of wind to blow everyone away except SHisio. Who keeps his footing by placeing his blade in the ground and holding unto it.)

"WHat chakra," said Raitie. (She is blown away.) "DAMN. He couldn't possibly have improved this much," said Dosa. (He slides back as well.)

(Switch Scene To Ryu and Asura.)

"This chakra, I can feel the air around me. It is beginning to cut into me. It must be him," said Asura.

"What the hell is that," said Ryu.

(Switch Scene to forested area. They are nearing the battle field.)
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