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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

Originally Posted by ralatone View Post
Yeah, but I feel that if he decides to use the flash back route that he'll upset many fans, as they'll question why he couldn't have just shown the discussion between Naruto and Hinata during the actual time line the plot is going in.
Well, I think if it does happen through a flashback, then it most likely that Naruto did not reciprocate her feelings. But yeah, I'd also be disappointed if it were shown in that manner... But at the moment I'm pretty disappointed in general so xD lol.

Well in my opinion I feel that there wasn't any interaction between the rookies and Sasuke at all during the series. So it doesn't suprise me that most of them are alright with killing Sasuke, hell I don't even think he was friends with any of them. As for encountering him in general, we would have to see where this recent turn of events takes his character, especially since we have no idea if he's being controlled by someone or something and their darkness.
He did have interaction with Ino, Shino and Lee. But overall what I meant by that is that I'd just like to see all of them in the same arc again. I don't really think he's being controlled, but it may be possible that Madara has that sort of ability. After all, we don't know anything about the power of Madara's sharingan.

While I do agree with you that it does feel sort of strange having others speak to her about her own romantic situation, it might be due to the fact that she just doesn't really know what or who she wants anymore. I mean Sasuke has been gone along time, long enough for her to question what she feels for him, at least romantically. She may even be confused on Naruto due to the fact that he doesn't openly confess to her, though I think it's because he does want to bring Sasuke back to her and let all the kinks work out from there as far as her feelings for whomever goes.
To me, regardless if she's confused, I just don't like the use of other characters stepping in. *shrugs* That's a personal preference on my part, I simply tend not to enjoy that sort of 'path' for a pairing in fiction or other manga/anime.

I will agree though that's its possible she doesn't quite know how she feels anymore about Sasuke. Considering she broke down into tears when Karui asked her what she was to Sasuke and it was revealed he had joined Akatsuki and attacked a Jinchuuriki.

As far as Sai goes, I don't believe his main intention was to have Sakura realize that Naruto is in love with her. To me his main intention was to have her understand that Naruto is being pushed hard by everyone one way or another. Though he may not have knowledge of the entire situation prior to part one, I think he's speaking on part of what he has seen so far since being introduced in part two.
Yes, Sai did agree with Shikamaru that they must step it up and shoulder some of the weight. But the focus of the conversation was on his revelation of Naruto's feelings, which to me stressed it was the main point of Sai's conversation with Sakura (from a plot point, not character intention).

Well, yes, he is certainly speaking of just what he's seen, but at the same time my point still stands that he doesn't have the prior knowledge and he doesn't know the content of the promise, or even, I think, that Sakura was/is in love with Sasuke. I know I said this last year, but it still bothers me that Kishimoto has used the two newest members of Team 07 to indicate NaruSaku, and not Kakashi or Tsunade. Still, it wouldn't be satisfying either way, since I do not enjoy the stepping in of other characters when it comes to romance... but it would make more sense if it had been one of the two I just mentioned.

I also do not believe that Sakura is the one to bring Naruto the most pain, but since Kishi decided to bring up the statement out of nowhere that it has to be sort of true I suppose. I do aknowledge that Naruto may have felt hurt all those times he saw Sakura chase after Sasuke as opposed to give him a shot in part one, and I do feel that Naruto put his heart on the chopping block in his attempt to fufill his promise to bring Sasuke back for her in the Rescue arc. From there on though, I don't really see any incidents that would make her the source of much of his pain.
Exactly, it was only at the end of Part 1 where she really caused him any pain, and that was at the PoaL. It just doesn't seem fair to Sakura's character, as she is also in a lot of pain and now Sai has made her feel very guilty concerning Naruto. After all, at the moment her Sensei is in a coma, the Rookies want to 'take out' Sasuke at all costs, and she hasn't been able to accomplish either of her goals - protect Naruto and save Sasuke... I'm a big Sakura fan so it really just seems unfair, as she is also going through a lot of pain - much like Naruto. And like Naruto, the source of that pain is Sasuke... Or at least, it always seemed that way... xD

Well as far as Naruto and Hinata goes, their development is still possible if approached the right way. It could sort of be like Naruto knows that Hinata loves him, but he doesn't really have feelings for her yet, but through different scenarios and cases of heart to heart conversations, it could allow him to grow some fondness for her.
I agree, there is still a chance for NaruHina to work. Its just currently, it doesn't have the development it needs. And although I have been waiting for Hinata's confession, in the end it just seemed rather anti-climatic. I was hoping it would come later, after more interaction between the two... but it was very sweet of her to risk her life for him. Also kinda 'stupid', but love does make people take foolish chances.

As far as Sakura and Naruto goes, I've already stated my theory above. Basically Sakur still unsure where her feelings lie for both of her teammates and Naruto's inability to bring him self to confess due to the fact that he may still believe that Sakura still has feelings for Sasuke, thus keeping him driven towards his goal of bringing Sasuke back.
This is also possible. It does however seem to lessen Naruto's bond with Sasuke. Nothing has indicated (until now), that he is being driven to rescue Sasuke so that he can eventually confess to Sakura and feel no guilt about it... because, as he told Sai, as he told Itachi, he considers Sasuke his brother... and that is the main driving force behind Naruto's actions. Not to say that his promise to Sakura does not drive him as well - it's just I still can't see how that is whats causing him the most pain as Sai indicated... I guess until I hear it from Naruto's own mouth that Sakura is the main reason/the promise causes him the most pain, I can't accept that. xD

Finally, as far as Sasuke and Sakura goes, I really just want the two of them to be able to speak to one another about their feelings. Whether they are in love, or not in love, or if they want to try it out, etc. Whatever it may be I'd feel unsatisfied if their past as well as Hinata's confession goes on unaddressed if it ultimately ends up being NaruSaku, because I feel like all the pairings deserve their shot, especially with the story being as far in as it is.
Same here, I would like to see the two speak to each other. But considering how Sasuke is atm, I could see that conversation reaching little closure. Also it just seems unrealistic that one conversation would cause their relationship to blossom or anything romantic come of it... He's been gone for three years, a lot has changed between them. It would be anti-climatic if one conversation convinced Sasuke that Sakura was the one, you know? I would not be satisfied with that. Anyway, he is still 'lost in darkness'. I could, however, see one conversation reaffirming Sakura's drive to rescue him, but it could also indicate that she should let go of her romantic feelings. Either way, I agree, all the pairings should have their shot regardless of the outcome. And each deserves sufficient build up.

Oh and lol to Sasuke Karin ... But Tsunade and Jiraiya are forever
Srsly, SasuKarin is lulzy.
And yes, I'm also a JiraTsu fan. <3 <3

Yeah, I feel that team 7 as a whole will make one desperate last push to bring Sasuke back, all while preventing war with the other village(s?). Actually, the easiest way for this war to be prevented is if Killer Bee brings his ass back into the picture and shows the Raikage that he really wasn't killed by Sasuke.
Indeed, I wonder where Killer Bee has wandered off to? And if he realizes what is occuring? Still, it bothers me that Sasuke even made the decision to go after Killer Bee, since right after, he decided that he had no use for Madara/Akatsuki? It was just a stupid move on his part, lol. I mean really, how would it of brought him any closer to his goals... and its obvious it didn't. Sasuke used to be smarter than that is what I'm saying but I suppose it's his growing darkness that caused him to make such a rash decision.

Thanks I like it alot too
You are very welcome. lol xD
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