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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

At an unknown location.

7 hooded people are gathering at a table and one of them is looking at the battlefield through a crystal ball.

“How’s the meteor?” ask a giant hooded figure.

“It’s starting to be sucked. At this rate the meteor will vanishes.” Said the person who is looking at the crystal ball.

“And how is Asura?” ask a female hooded figure.

“At this rate both he and Raitei will die. Seems almost everyone is there.” Says the person with the crystal ball.

“Let them die then. They serve their purpose.” Says the giant hooded figure.

“No. Asura and Raitei are vital members. We need them. Like us they are also masters of their field.” Says the female hooded figure.

“Enough. So, summoner, have we confirmed the tail beasts prisons?” ask the person with the crystal ball.

“Yes. It seems the Mizukage was lying, Tetsuo.” Says the summoner. He took off his robe and unveils a young man that’s look a lot like Sephiroth. “Only half of the locations are confirmed.” Says the summoner.

“How many locations have been confirmed, Oita?” ask Tetsuo


“And about Asura and Raitei?” ask the female hooded figure.

“I’ll go.” Says a fat hooded figure. He took of his robe and unveils a fat man dress in samurai attire, much like Choji.

“Ino Shika Cho. You will help Asura and Raitei?” ask the female figure. Ino Shika Cho nods.

“Then it’s settles. Michi and Oita will go and collect the confirmed tail beasts.” Says Tetsuo. A female member took of her robe and unveils a short hair female with snake tattoo cover her left cheek and she have snake eyes much like Orochimaru. She hissed at Oita and a white snake comes out from her collar and reveals its fangs at Oita.

“Ino Shika Cho will aid Asura and Raitei. Tank and Sakuya…..” says Tetsuo with his finger points at the giant hooded figure and the female member.

“Both of you will take care of the Mizukage.”

Tank stood and took of his robe. His face resembles Stone Cold Steve Austin. Sakuya also took her robe off. She looks and dresses in ninja attire, except its white.

“Then I will tell her our answer to her proposal.” Says Tank. Sakuya nods.

“No. Don’t kill her yet. We need to secure the tail beasts first. Then you can kill her.” Says Tetsuo. Tank grunts.

‘Ino Shika Cho. Be careful, the master of wind and the master of the sword are also present in that area.” Says Tetsuo. Ino Shoka Cho nods.

“Master of the sword and wind my ass. The master of the fist will pummel their faces.” Says Tank.

“I will teleport you all to your locations.” Says Tetsuo as he makes a few handseals and summon 3 doors behind him.

Back at the battlefield.

Hiro and Shisio circling each other looking for a gap to strike.

‘I should have known you will be with the SNA. Your loyalty is always with the flames war.” Says Hiro.

“I’m not with them.” Says Shisio as both of them looking for a gap to attack.

“Then why you attack my friends?” ask Hiro.

“I was bored waiting for you.” Answer Shisio. Hiro grunts and runs quickly towards Shisio and they parried each other technique. Hiro increases his wind element to strengthen his attack while Shisio turn his blade into a burning hot metal to counter the wind from Hiro. Realizing this will be a stalemate, both ninja jumps away, but this time Shisio attacks Hiro. Hiro makes a few hand seals and says:

Wind Element: Wind Shredder!!!!

Then few chakra blades appear around Hiro and flew towards Shisio. Shisio activate his fire chakra and destroys each blade. After destroy all the blades, Shisio realize Hiro was gone and he look upwards and see Hiro rotates himself like a drill and charges towards Shisio. Shiso increases the fire element in his blade and parries the attack, but the force of Hiro’s attack makes the ground beneath Shisio’s feet began to crack, but Shisio still unfazed, parries Hiro’s attack, but he’s slowy being pushed deeper into the ground by Hiro’s attack. Realizing parrying this jutsu with fire element only won’t do any good, he activate his wind element to increase his fire element power and manage to push Hiro away. Hiro landed a few feet away from Shisio and they look at each other, recognizing each other ability.

“You know, after the war I’ve been in journey around the lands. Searching for techniques and jutsus, and maybe some answer.” Says Shisio.

“Yeah so?” ask Hiro.

“I’ve been to the Fire Temple. Amida's 1000-Arm Death Embrace is the temple most powerful technique.” Says Shisio. Hiro looks at him suspiciously.

“You mean….” Says Hiro.

“I’ve learn that jutsu. Don’t worry I don’t kill the monks. I don’t want unwanted attention. I just find the scroll, and use my photographic memory remember the jutsu. And I make a few alterations to it.” Says Shisio. He closes his eyes and a giant demonic figure with 1000 arms each equipped with a sword standing behind him.

“I just make it, more suited to me.” Says Shisio.

“God of Sword’s 1000 Sword death Embrace.”

“Shit!!!!” scream Hiro and he makes a barrier from the wind moments before the spiritual swords attack him. The attack increases rapidly and Hiro’s barrier finally broke. Hiro looks at Shisio’s direction but he was gone,then he felt a tremor beneath him, and Hiro jumps upward while Shisio comes out from the ground. And they fought in mid air.

“I’ve also learn, we must not be confined by one village style. We must explore more and I create this, just for you.” Says Shisio and he turn his sword side ways:

“Konoha Senpuu-Sword Version.”

Hiro parries the sword with his blade, but Shisio uses his legs to kick Hiro’s stomach and he falls down to the ground.

“Konoha Senpuu has two attacks, incase the opponent manage to avoid the first kick, the user can use his second leg to attack. The same goes with my own version of it.” Says Shisio.

Hiro slowly stands up, and smiles.

“You’ve improved, Shisio.” Says Hiro.

“So have you. Your wind is mightier then before. But I’m better. Let me make a deal. If you manage to defeat me or even it’s a draw again, I’ll admit defeat. And even told you what SNA really after. If I win, I’ll throw your corpse to the nearest river.” Says Shisio. Hiro nods. Shiso smiles and channel all 5 chakras into his sword.

“And before we fight, let me tell I’ve also been to the Land of Iron.” Says Shisio.

“You’ve combine ninja sword style with samurai’s?” ask Hiro. Shisio give a big grin.

“You gonna taste this technique.”

“Crap.” Says Hiro. He increases the wind within his blade until the grounds around him are cut to little pieces and he charges towards Shisio and scream

“Raging Wind!!!!!!!!”

Shisio prepares by dropping into a partial crouch, both knees bent, left arm drawn back and right extended forward; he grasps the hilt of his sword with his left hand and rests the tips of the fingers of his right hand on the blade near its tip and thrust himself and his sword forward.

“Falcon Thrust!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ino Shika Cho: A member of the higher ups of SNA. Has the combining ability of the Akamichi clan, Nara clan and the Yamanaka clan. He can control the shadows, manipulating minds and body enlargement jutsus.

Tank: Member of SNA higher up. Master of taijutsu. A ninja who lets his temper took the best of him and only Sakuya can calm him down. .For him, the war is his opportunity to bash some heads.

Sakuya: Member of SNA higher ups. Master of medical technique. Shared a powerful bond with Tank since she was enroll into SNA. They also do missions together and she is Tank voice of reason.

Oita: Member of SNA higher up. Master of Summoning. For him SNA, is his gateway to be a daimyo and rule a nation.

Michi: Member of SNA higher up. The so called “Perfect Clone of Orochimaru.” She was trained is SNA to be like Orochimaru. Her justu and strength are equal to Oro and her goal is to destroy Konoha just like Orochimaru.

Tetsuo: Member of SNA higher up and is the confident and charismatic young leader of SNA. He leads SNA and setting himself up as a false messiah. He creates the meteor and wants to combine it with the 9 tail beasts as a salvation as he sees mankind can be saves by destroying the previous order and built a fresh new order with he and SNA leads the world unto true harmony. His ability is unknown.

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