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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“So… You have an ace as well. I was told by my teacher, The Hokage, never to use this technique. It’s not something humans should have to witness in a life time,” said Hiro. (Hiro pulls out his weapons. )

“Well then. Let's go for the ultimate wager,” said Shisio. (He begins to awkwardly go into a stance.)

“Do you know why I carry these weapons? I’m not a swordsman yet I carry these huge weapons you see in front of you. Since my chakra has grown so strong, when I use higher level wind ninjutsu, my hands begin to feel the adverse affects. These blades are nothing more than mounts, or protective gloves in a sense. They aren’t my swords, they're my limbs. The technique I’m about to use, injured my arms so badly that I was forced to fight with weapons when I use higher level ninjutsu. Ironic that even I am not immune from such a wind styled attack, given my title and my assumed absolute control,” said Hiro.

“My technique is not as explosive as yours might be however, as a master swordsmen I've used my blade to kill my victims in as many ways as possible. During my years of experience in the art, I discovered a much more subtle yet effective approach for eliminating my most destructive opponents. This means I know every fiber of a human body’s vulnerable points. From the skin, muscles, joints, nerves, and organs, this technique strikes the most vital point in each category, which collapses the opponent with 100% accuracy. No one could possibly survive, I’ve tested it out a flesh clone” smiled Shisio.

“No need for me to explain mine then. I just hope someone manages to scrape up the scraps when I’m done here,” smiled Hiro.

(Immediately before Hiro and Shisio unleashes their strongest techniques they find themselves unable to move. Someone drops in from behind Shisio.)

“What is happeneing here? I can’t move,” said Shisio. “An interference. Damn, this technique.,, It reminds of of the shadow possession,” said Hiro.

(Hiro spots someone behind Shisio.)

“I’ve used one of my animal scouts to check the area. I can’t have you two using techniques, in which you don’t know the outcome as it may directly affect the project that is going on. Therefore I’ve restrained you. Don’t worry. Due to the situation at hand, I won’t kill you,” said Ino shika Cho.

“Who are you? Are you with the SNA,” asked Hiro. “That’s none of your concern,” said Ino shika Cho. “Idiot. I’ve made a deal with Asura. I’m not in your employ so get the fuck out of my way,” said Shisio. “Oh no, that mustn’t do,” said Ino Shika cho.

(Switch Scene to a forested area.)

“NO!! Hiro is in danger, he can’t move. And there's another opponet,” said Nila. WHAT,” yelled Laya.

(Zig grabs Nila by the arm.)

“Damn it all. Remember what I said before? Let the big wigs handle this,” said Zig. “Fuck that, you can take that high and mighty attitude of yours and shove it. He’s our Sensei,” yelled Nila. (She pulls away and rushes to the battle field. Laya and Zig look at each other concerned like.)

“Shit, it's ideas like this that gets people killed,” yelled Zig. (He rushes off as well.) “Wait guys,” yelled Laya.

(Switch Scene to the battlefield.)

“You see, we have to preserve something here, so we can’t let you guys go haywire as we know how devastating the two of you can be,” said Ino Shika Cho. “Shit,” said Shisio. “Hmm, what’s this,” said Ino Shika Cho.

(Immediately one young shinobi appear in front of Hiro.)

“Nila! Look at you, you're injured. Damn it why are you here? And how come Hope didn’t stop you,” said Hiro. (Zig and Laya drop in as well.) “No. I stopped Hope. Nila doesn’t deserve all this,” said Zig. “Wow, thanks Zig,” said Nila. “Yeah, we all could have stopped her if we wanted, we just came along anyway,” said Laya. "Guys, thank you," said Nila.

“Damn it, you guys are idiots, but you’re hard headed, just like your stubborn ass teacher,” winked Hiro.

Next Time: Nila, Zig, and Laya are on the Scene, what happens next?

-Interruption 2

"I see things are already taken care of here, so I'll take my leave," said Ino Shika Cho (He vanishes, this causes the shadow possession to break.)

"Now, where were we," asked Shisio. "I'm sorry mister, but now that we're here, you won't be landing another finger on our Sensei," said Nila as she waves her finger. "Sorry Master, but we can't sit back and let you fight, not now. We're here now as Nila said, so you with the sword back down. There's no way you can takes us all on. We're Hiro's students after all, don't think it'll be easy," said Zig.

"Shisio. Our duel will have to wait. As much as I'd hate to do this, I can't fight you with them here. They'd get in the way. And besides, a four on one wouldn't be a fair fight now would it," said Hiro.

"Fine do as you like. How cute, saved by your proteges. You just won't get any leads on the SNA because you failed to defeat me. Next time, be prepared for an all out struggle," said Shisio. "We're very sorry you couldn't get the intel you needed," said Nila.

(Shisio makes a handseal and then vanishes. The scene then switches to Asura. Ryu has now gained the upper-hand and has grabbed Asura by the collar.)

It is over now. I'm taking your weird eye lookin ass back to HQ for debriefing," said Ryu. (Asura looks into Ryu's eyes and then smiles. Asura then locks eyes with the mist swordsmen. All of a sudden Ryu is surrounded by the seven mist swordsmen.)

"What the hell? The mist is in cahoots with the SNA," said Ryu. "Put that man down, or we will be forced to restrain you by any means required," said a man in a cloak wielding Zabuza's sword. (Ryu drops Asura, as the freed man rushes toward the Meteor. The seven mist swordsmen then follow Asura. Switch Scene to Ino Shika Cho.)

"So, I didn't have to rescue him after all. With the seven mist swordsmen, Asura should be able to reclaim the project. We'll have to finish this up another day. We had no idea The Hatchet and The lengedary swordsman would show up," said Ino Shika Cho. (He drops by and lands next to Dosa. The traitor is holding Raitie by her neck with one hand.)

"Dosa. You traitor. I should have you killed right now. But I haven't the time to waste against trash like you. Because of you, the Boss might have to have this project go through more experimental phases. If only we checked you more thoroughly. We should have known it was too good to be true that one of Konoha's most powerful and famous shinobies would defect and join us. Now you were leaking valuable information to Konoha in order to establish the surprise raid from the surronding nations," said Ino Shika Cho.

"Heh, heh. My bad. We can settle this after I squeeze the life out of her. Though I think she is kinda cute, I can't just forgive her for killing my real comrades. We fought that grueling war with them. We fuckin bleed, lived, and died together. This hag will die by my hands. I've got no love for someone such as this person," said Dosa. "Sorry, but we can't have you low lives in our affairs. We need that woman alive," said Ino Shika Cho.

(With fast reflexes Ino Shika Cho quickly grabs Raitie tosses her body on his shoulders and vanishes from the area via a transportation method.)
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