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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

"Looks like the lightning vixen escapes. I'll make a promise. If we meet again, that rose will wither away as I drain the last bit of life from her deprived body," said Dosa.

(Scene switches to The Hokage and Shun. The meteor is getting smaller.)

"Just a little bit more," said Shun. "Yes, then we can," said The Hokage before being destroyed by an attack from behind.

"No, no, no!! Now I don't have the chakra to seal this thing up," said Shun "Oh my. So it was you causing all this mess. I should have killed you long ago. To think the Hokage used his shadow clone for the technique. Clever," said Asura.

(The scene switches to the Hokage office.)

"It can't be. We've came so far," said The Hokage.

(Back to the site.)

"No, why are the mist swordsmen on his side? I don't have the chakra to fight them all. And even if I did, I'm way outnumbered," said Shun.

(Switch Scene to the battlefield. The remaining good forces rejoin.)

"So, Teru, how has it been these past two years," asked Nila. "Fine. Being promoted to Jounin was the best thing that could have happened to me after losing to you and shaming the village. I've spent the last two years being in tune with the earth. With private lessons from Kazekage, I rose to Jounin and I was sent in here by the higher ups because they had faith in my ability. Seeing you here, I'm sure the same is true for you, right," smiled Teru. "well, umm," mumbled Nila.

(Several minutes worth of time passes as the ignorant are briefed on the information that had gone down.)

"So, that was what went down here," said Zig. "Apparently, The Hokage saw this coming," said Blake. "I had to put up that wall to stop them from interfering with the process of sealing up that mass of chakra," said Teru. "It seems the Hokage called it right, the meteor has indeed decreased in magnitude," said Blake. Though if it wasn't for Dosa, this whole mission would have failed," said Hiro. "Ahh, whatever. Don't think I've forgotten that rematch," said Dosa. "You put up that Wall Teru? Wow, you must have become amazing since I've last fought you," said Nila.

"That wall isn't all that great you know," mumbled Zig. "Heh, jealous I see," said Laya. "Fuck you," said Zig. (Hiro smiles. Ryu crashes in.) "Hey, while you guys dilly dally, I took the inititive and checked out where Asura was headed. And he is headed towards the meteor with the mist swordsmen, now its not even in the sky anymore. I don't know what's going on, but I can't fight all those swordsmen by myself," yelled Ryu.

(Everyone is shocked. The Scene switches to the site. Shun is being straggled by one of the swordsmen while Asura seals up the meteor using one of his own scrolls.)

"Now I can take this back to the headquarters. You guys finish him off," said Asura as he vanishes with the sealed meteor's chakra in his grasps.

(Shun is tossed to the ground the straggler switches places with a man using a familure blade. The one swordsman wielding Kisame's Shark Skin, prepares to strike the defenseless Shun, but is stopped by a blade from Blake. ) "Kill the intruder," said one of the mist swordsmen. "I wouldn't do that. You guys don't want to mess with us," said Zig. "Shun, are you all right," said Hiro. (Dosa rushes in and scoops up Shun with fast reflexes and returns to the gathering of the good guys.)

"Mr. Shun," yelled Nila. "Nila, Hiro, everyone, thanks, but he got away with the meteor," said Shun. "We'll worry about that later," said Hiro. (Blake swiftly returns to his position with the others. The swordsman surronds all of them and then launches at them with their blades. Teru places his hands on the ground.)

"Earth style: Protective Dome," yelled Teru. (An earth like dome covers them, temporarily protecting them for the swordsmen's attacks. Switch Scene to Mizukage's office. Two SNA higher ups meets with Mizukage.)

"You lying scum bag. Do you know you back stabbed us," said Tank. "I've gave you 5 correct locations," said Mizukage. "I should shake your brain loose. Do you know what happened when some of our aide were sent to scout the other 3 areas of interest? The Land of Iron has remained untouched by shinobi for half a centuary. Due to its power, even wet works like us don't touch it, but we believed that we could get some important data before launching a suprise raid. You told us that the reason the last 3 Bijuu where so hard to find, was because of where they were stationed. Yet we found nothing, and we lost valuable aide to their government.

Now their organization has its eyes on us. Not just that, we also searched the Renewed Whirlpool country, and since the war, Konoha, Suna, and Kumo has used their ties and wealth from the last war to establish a powerful government there. Even our top agents were snuffed out and again, no location of the tailed beast was established from the other three locations you specified. I don't even want to bring up the Demon country. You were trying to fuck us over. You know since the uprising of the SNA and the under the table dealings with many other small countries and villages that the other 4 great shinobi nations have kept their eyes on us. We can't afford to have our organization out in the cold like that, not yet! Where's the three other Bijuu you are hiding, and why did you set us up? Give me a fucking answer before I get to pounding the body of this pathetic excuse for a person standing in front of me," said Tank.

(Mizukage smiles.)

"I was testing you. To see if you guys were the right guys to ask for a collaboration," said Mizukage. "Test my ass, I'd like to give you a pop quiz. I don't think you'd like the pop part," said Tank. "Settle down Tank, we need to remember what we came for," said Sakuya.

"I won't tell you anything until I'm sure the Bijuu fusing mechanism is going along nicely. And how am I not sure you guys won't double cross me and take the Bijuu for yourselves? My village's future vias for the project. And if you guys aren't willing to commit, I'll take my business elsewhere. Now, I need data and results before I commit to your objectives and offer you aide. There is no agreement if the project hasn't even succeeded yet," said Mizukage. (Tank starts cracking his knuckles.) "You must think I'm not too bright! Bitch I'll break your face if I don't get answers," said Tank.

"Is that so," smirked the Mizukage. (Tank's eyes go blood shot.) "This bitch thinks I'm dickin around. Time's up! You bout to get fucked up," yelled Tank.

"Deal's off then," said Mizukage. (Immediately 4 Mizukage Aides guards the Mizukage.)

"I'll gladly murder all of you," yelled Tank. (He balls up his fists and goes into a striking stance. Sakuya places her arm in front of the Tank.)

"You're in the way," said Tank.

"Hey now! I said Calm down. Stop acting like an idiot, remember what the boss said? This is no way to strike deals. I'll speak for you now on since you have no manners and will ruin everything. Please forgive him for his negligence. Our underling, Asura, who is a field examiner has already begun the project. If everything has gone successfully, he should have the data required for establishing such a method," said Sakuya.

"Asura hmm? He didn't quite mention the project in detail," said Mizukage.

"We need the tailed beasts in order to ignite the fusion between all of them in the high density mass of chakra. Asura should be strengthening it right now. I understand you smuggled detailed information regarding the tailed beasts during the war. We will forget all your misdeeds if you come clean with their whearabouts. And I also understand that this village is home to one of them," said Sakuya.

(Switch scene to Asura. He is rushing back to headquarters.)

"Damn, and after the boss trusted me with his work. I needed more time. If I had just one more hour, the growth process would have been suffice. But with the damage the Hokage done to it, I'll need a lot of time. It took years to compose the data, now it is all for nothing. Damn it, If I begin work in secret and then launch the meteor project again to finish the growth preparation, perhaps I can avoid the boss's warth," said Asura.

(Switch Scene to the outskirts of the Waterfall Village. Oita and Michi scout out man patrols who are currently on guard duty.)

"We where told that this was one of the correction locations," said Oita. "Yeah... From what I understand the Bijuu, Shichibi has been bounded into an infact 18 years ago, 11 years before the 4th shinobi war," said Michi. "I believe around half of the tailed beasts were bounded to hosts after the demise of Akatuski decades ago. I've heared there were a couple who retainted their Bijuu and lived through Akatuski's rule," said Oita.

"Yeah, Uzumaki Naruto, who was made Hokage a few years after Akatuski disbanded during the age of disarmament and Killer Bee, who was the brother of a former Raikage. We weren't given details on his whereabouts though," said Oita. "That schemer Mizukage probably knows," said Michi.

"Well we can't worry about that right now. We need to capture the Shichibi. Apparently, she is an extremely powerful host," said Oita. (Michi licks her face.) "I can't wait to test my abilities out on her," smiled Michi. "We'll this isn't a field trip," sighed Oita.

(Switch scene to a battle from a training hall inside a waterfall cave. A beautiful young woman with long white hair, waterfall headprotector on, dawning a wonderfully knitted kimono stands firm, while many shinobi lay unconscious.)

"Training's over for today I guess. Gosh, I hope I didn't hurt them too badly," gently smiled Aya.

(Switch Scene to SNA headquarters. Ino Shik Cho arrives and nonchantly tosses Raitie's broken body down on the floor.)

"Good. After she recovers, I have a proposition to make," said Tetsuo

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