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Re: 463 Predictions/Spoiler Discussion

Well first. I doubt Madara is done talking to Naruto, and with Ninja history 101. At least I hope not anyway, the Shinobi annals are still to sparse for my taste. So Im sure we will see some more along those lines. Perhaps not as many panels will be used up though.

Raikage V Sasuke is about to really start, with a serious one on one fight. Sasuke is going to be struggling somewhat. However he will fair better, then the Raikage will be expecting. Everyone else will just be background noise. Suigetsu and C will keep each other busy. Shi is probably out for few, same for Juugo. Karin as been left to her own devices, so she should be able to locate Danzuo with little difficulty(Good time for a samurai to pop up and make trouble for her).

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