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Re: Naruto 462 Discussion

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
Ehh. I still don't quite agree with Madara though in that regards. If so, it would mean people don't have control of their own lives and their heirtage dictates what they'd become. I don't think Sasuke's ancestry should be enough to justifiy the wrongs that he committed. Madara brainwashed Sasuke, and Sasuke was too weak to see it for himself. That is what I believe.
I agree, Sasuke is still completely redeemable. "Destiny" That word is meaningless. I have absolutely no doubt, Naruto will still be able to save Sasuke. Sharingan grants such powers of vision and insight, and yet Sasuke is still blinded metaphorically speaking. Only main man can cure him of such an ailment.

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