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Re: 463 Predictions/Spoiler Discussion

Finally Raikage and Sasuke go at it. Ok, I’ll get on with the prediction. I made it kind of fast paced.

Another Specialist Prediction

-Sasuke vs. Raikage’s Explosive finish

(Sasuke charges up the Chidori and prepares to clash with Raikage. Time slows down as they near each other.)

“The Chidori swords was ineffective, I’ll need to use a full powered one,” Thought Sasuke. “Raikiri. It was said that Kakashi cut a lightning bolt in two with that technique. Must be his student. I’d like to see him cut me down though,” thought Raikage.

(Raikage catches the Chidori with his right hand.)

“Damn it, he’s strong,” thought Sasuke. (Raikage prepares to flatten Sasuke with his left however, Sasuke somehow manages to back step. Sasuke pulls out his blade to strike the earth and causes friction to slow him down, as he slides backwards.)

“That sudden burst of speed and the power to get away from me… Something about him must have changed,” said Raikage.

(Switch Scene to Karin’s location.)

“That’s not Juugo’s chakra. It’s Sasuke’s… It has changed again,” said Karin.
(Switch scene back to Sasuke. The smoke clears from the dust Sasuke created, and reveals cursed markings that exactly resembles Juugo’s initial release.)

“The dorment chakra inside me finally awakened. It must of gotten inside of me when Juugo imparted his body matter and chakra into me. The emotional stress of battle must have brought it to the surface,” thought Sasuke.

“So, he changes just like that crazed freak over there,” said Raikage. (Sasuke comes charging at Raikage again with the chidori. He attempts to strike Raikage’s head however, Raikage tilts his head into the opposite direction.) “He’s gotten faster,” thought Raikage.

(Raikage prepares to straight punch Sasuke however, with fast reflexes, Sasuke draws out his blade, and puts his off hand near the tip of the blade. With both hands Sasuke uses the chidori to charge the blade and defend againts Raikage’s attack.)

“Not bad,” mumbled Raikage. (Sasuke is however pushed back. Raikage comes rushing again. This time strikes with a round kick. Sasuke uses the same tactic to block. Raikage follows it up with a spinning heel kick from the opposite leg in a rotating motion. Sasuke uses the same tactic to block again.)

“With his speed and power, the only thing I can do right now is hold off until Karin comes through for us. With these eyes I have no problem defending, but it’s all I can do,” said Sasuke.

(Raikage then pulls back, this causes Sasuke to flee around the area. Sparks continue to fly as Raikage continous his assualt which includes him chasing Sauske around attacking and then pulling back using various methods of Taijutsu from different angles in order to catch Sasuke off guard. Sasuke continues the sword defensive trick using chidori to increase his defense. The scene soon switches to Suigetsu and Darui.)

“Amazing, he’s actually keeping up with the boss,” said Darui. (Meanwhile Suigetsu, attempts to strike him from the side. Darui uses his blade to parry once more.) “Don’t forget about me. If I win, that nice blade right there becomes mine,” smiled Suigestu. “Nice try,” said Darui.

(He channels the lightning element into his blade and makes Suigetsu’s sword become reduced to nothing more than its hilt. Suigetsu then backs up.)
“Shit. Cloud ninja and their lightning element,” said Suigetsu.

(The scene switches to Sasuke vs. Raikage.)

“Playtime is over sharingan,” said Raikage. (Raikage charges at Sasuke from the front Sasuke defends the punch using his blade. However, Sasuke is attacked from the back, which causes his entire backside to be caved in. Sasuke vomits up blood. Sasuke then crashes into a wall.)

“A shadow clone,” mumbled Sasuke.

“You’re eyes are fast however, not quick enough to deal with someone who knows about an Uchiha’s blindside. You didn’t even catch me create my lightning clone. I deliberately attacked you from angles you could see, then blindsided you at the last moment,” said Raikage.

(Raikage is immediately in front of the downed Sasuke.)

“What’s this. My chakra,” said Sasuke. “What. I caved in your back,” said Raikage. (Smoke appears. Raikage backs up. As the smoke clears Sasuke’s new form is now identical to Juugo’s.)

(Switch Scene to Karin.)

“Found him. With all the chakras around, it his hard to pin point Danzou. I better go and tell Sasuke, but boy his chakra has changed,” said Karin.

(Sasuke stands firm.)

“The cursed seal level 2? No, its different, it’s darker. I don’t feel like I’m going to lose,” said Sasuke.
(Karin drops in and lands next to Suigetsu.)

“Damn it, there was another one,” said Darui. “Sasuke, I’ve found him,” yelled Karin. “Seems I’ll have to put this on hold,” said Sasuke. “Fuck it, bring your ass back here,” yelled Raikage.

(The lightning around Raikage increases in magnitude. Immediately Sasuke is at Karin’s location. Darui slowly sneaks around them.)

“Sasuke, look at you,” mumbled Suigetsu. “No time, we need to get out of here. His chakra is north of here in a tower at the peak of this village. But there are still chakras with him,” said Karin. “I’ll worry about that when we get to a safer place, But We’ll never get him with these people chasing us,” said Sasuke.

(Raikage looks on.) “What are they planning, they can’t surely think they’ll escape,” said Raikage.

(Back at the group.) “I summon a big snake, Sasuke use your sharingan to direct it,” said Suigetsu. “Yeah, like how I flew manda. We’ll retreate to a location near Danzou via the summoning’s space-time transfer,” said Sasuke.

(Suigetsu pulls out one of his scrolls, then pulls out a container holding Orochimaru’s blood and pours it unto a scroll, he hits it, causing a huge snake to appear. Sasuke glances at it with his sharingan.)
(Switch scene to Darui and then to Raikage)

“A summon,” said Darui. “Let’s go,” yelled Raikage. (They rush over to their location.)

(Switch scene to the Huge serpent. Karin glances at Juugo.)

“What about Juugo,” asked Karin. “No time,” said Sasuke. “That’s cold man,” said Suigetsu. (Sasuke reverts to his normal self and the three of them jump inside of Huge Snake and vanishes. Raikage just makes it to the smoke.)

“AGGHGGH,” yelled Raikage. (He punches the ground which creates a huge crater.)

Next Chapter: With a new found resolve, Sasuke proceeds to complete his mission.
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