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Cool Re: Fdafdaf

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
The winners are:

Best Graphic Design= Ninja48

Favorite Staff Member= Miburo

Most Hated Staff Member= Tom... Oh wait.

Funniest Member= Jaxon

Most annoying= JBoogie

Favorite Member= Jaxon

Most Hated Member= balmung5000

Biggest Spammer= JBoogie

Most Intellectual= Dark_Aztek

Member You'd Most Like to Meet= Tie between Miburo and Jaxon

Member You'd Least Like to Meet= Anwar

Most Respected= Miburo

Best Forum Moment= Megaboss' Defeat

Biggest Troll= balmung5000

Member that should be Mod= Jaxon

Biggest Attention Whore= Kina

Biggest Sheep/Copycat= Tzumen

Bleach Guru= Lol, Bleach.

^^^ Congrats everyone <3 <3 <3

These categories didn't get a thread... xD lmao:
Thread of The Year=
Best New Member=
Naruto Predictions=
Bleach Predictions=
Naruto Guru=
miburo won three categories he's cool & brilliant guy afterall

congrats dude! your the man!

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