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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“We have to test the effectiveness of the training kernel,” said Scientist 1.
(Zane is on the battlefield. Several rogue shinobi rush at him. Zane’s hair has now gone completely gray.)

“Who am I? Why am I at this god forsaken place,” said Zane. (They near his location. From the screen wired to a camera scouting the area, the scientists watches on.) “Move, what the hell,” said Scientist 1. “Don’t just sit there, attack,” yelled Scientist 2. “What waste, if he dies it will all be for nothing,” said Scientist 3.

(Switch Scene, they surround him. They question whether he can fight or not and charges on to attack him.)

“What’s this urge I’m feeling? Is it the desire to survive? Or the will to fight just for the sake of it,” said Zane. (He instinctively starts making handseals. Huge water bubbles surround him, he sends one down each throat of his opponent. He then tightens up his hands and each of his opponents drown in an instant and dies an awful death on land.)

“This power, it just appeared like a rushing thought in my head. I just began to think about the situation, an all of a sudden, my enemies lie dead at my feet,” said Zane.

(Switch Scene to the Scientists, as they are in awe of his enhanced abilities.)

“Yes… It seems with the enhancement, he can shape and bound microscopic water molecules within the atmosphere in order to create dense water particles used in water manipulation without even using his mouth. The project is a resounding success,” said Scientist 2. (They return to scoop up Zane.) “You too? You challenge me for the right to live,” said Zane. “No, of course not. We can help you discover who you are. Just come with us,” said Scientist 3. “My purpose,” said Zane.

(Zane is in a water prison. A few years later, the SNA are used in battle to aid the allied nations. Each of the major powers get a certain amount, and based off the war price, determines the amount as well as the skill level of the SNA deployed to each of Suna, Konoha, and Kumo and small nations allied with them. Since Tuschigakure has remained neutral in the war and didn’t fund the project, they receive no SNA aide however, a certain situation proves the opposite. The scene is at the outskirts of one of the Rock Village’s camps. Many Rock troops gather and defend the fort and fight in battle. Many are losing their lives to the Mizugakure troops. However, one man fights strong, one man continues to swing is blade in order to keep his home alive.

(A man dressed in black fights for his home.)

“Not, until they’re all gone. I’ll happily give my life in order to protect my land,” said Blake.

(He wields his blade effortlessly and takes out many troops as possible. He also defends his comrades however, he soon takes a blow to the stomach, which causes him to kneel over. Others begin to lose their morale as their best agent is injured and is about to get surrounded by vast amounts of shinobi forces however, a lightning bolt from the sky cleanly clears the battle field of most opposing forces. Soon a female shinobi lands in front of Blake.)

“You should thank that the allied forces for saving your ass. If it wasn’t for them sending me here, your stubborn as Kage would have met his eventual end,” said Ratie. (The surviving mist shinobi look on as Raitie effortlessly killed their comrades.)

“NO, I’m going in there,” yelled Mist Shinobi. (Another mist shinobi grabs him.) “Don’t. That’s the Lightning Succubus. Said to be able to channel lightning of judgement from Zeaus himself. She is an SNA agent sent in to wipe us out. It is best to leave right now,” said Shinobi 2. (They begin to cower and fear and soon run for it.)

“Not so fast,” yelled Raitie. (She controls lightning bolts from the heavens and strikes down on the troops, killing them all.)

“SNA hmm? They are worthy of their praise. Maybe our government should have enlisted them after all,” said Blake. “AMAZING,” said Rock shinobi. “Wow, the SNA are extremely powerful,” said another. “Did you see those lightning bolts,” said Rock shinobi 2. “She’s not bad looking either,” said Rock shinobi 3. “She’d kick your ass,” said Shinobi 4.

“Your name… What is it,” asked Blake. “Though it is of no importance that you know, I’ll tell you anyway, so you can remember who it was who saved your pathetic asses. Remember, the SNA that served your government in time of need. I go by the name of Raitie,” said Raitie. (Soon a bolt of lightning strikes her position, she vanishes. Everyone is in awe.)

“Raitie, hmm,” mumbled Blake. “What is it sir,” asked another shinobi in his unit. “It is nothing, I just think that one day, we’ll meet again, on the battlefield,” said Blake.
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