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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


(Sasuke makes a startling statement.) “I would like to reclaim Konoha for myself and I need able bodied supporters. Will you aid me,” asked Sasuke. “Join you? Heh, ha, hah,” Shisio busts out in a dramatic laughter. “The thought must amuse you. What is your damage,” asked Sasuke.

“Konoha? I want nothing to do with that hell hole,” said Shisio. “Hmm. Difficult aren’t we? Fine, I’ll have Hiro face you once again,” said Sasuke. “You think it is that easy. I only want Hiro’s death, that is all. I won’t serve you or anyone else,” said Shisio. (He sits down and smiles.) “I’m tired of being tossed around. It is time I live for myself. Your dreams of conquest does not interest me. I exist only to exact my revenge out on Hiro. Anything else is nothing more than a hindrance. Friendship, cooperation? To hell with it all,” yelled Shisio.

“I see,” said Sasuke. (Scene switches to Konoha. Blake and Teru return to their respective villages. Shun is rushed in on a stretcher. Everyone is outside the room hoping for his safe recovery. The Hokage, Team Hiro, and Dosa stand outside the room and is soon escorted out.)

“He’s a strong man, he is sure to pull through,” said Dosa. “Yeah, though he’ll be in there for a while. He completely exhausted his chakra supply and fractured bones in his arms and feet, yet he used the pill to go beyond his physical and mental capabilities. It won’t be an easy recovery,” said The Hokage.

“Well, I’m off to the recovery as well, I need to rest up just a bit, how about you Dosa,” said Hiro. “Fine, sure whatever,” said Dosa. (They rush off into the recover chambers. The Hokage smiles as he remembers when Dosa and Hiro were young boys goofing around.)

“Nila, I’m impressed. But don’t think you’ll get off easy. When you return home I’m sure your mother will be quite taken with you,” said The Hokage. “Yesss daddd,” said Nila. “I need to go prepare somethings, you guys also get ready for bed. I got big plans for tomorrow,” said The Hokage as the shadow clone poofs.

"I wonder what dad has for us," said Nila.

“Sigh, does he ever not be extreme,” sighed Zig. (The Three students walk outside the hospital. It is in the morning. They walk a few ways toward Nila’s house however, Zig is immediately hook in the face by Hope. Zig hits the ground hard. He gets up slides to the ground and spits up blood, while he slowly regains his senses he spits up blood.)

“ZIG,” yelled Nila. “DAMN,” yelled Laya. (Nila rushes over to Zig’s aide.) “Hope, what the hell? How could you. Look at him,” said Nila. “Just paying back the favor. Boy you never do anything stupid like that again,” said Hope. (Zig gets up and tries to punch Hope back however, Hope slips his head out of the way and knees Zig in the gut, causing him to cough up blood and spit and kneel over.) “ARRGGH,” barfed Zig.

“That’s it, enough. I’m sorry it was my,” said Nila before getting cut off. “GO HOME,” said Hope. “But,” said Nila before getting cut off. “I SAID GO HOME,” yelled Hope. (Laya rushes off wailing her arms all crazy like while Nila is surprised at Hope’s demanor.) “Zig, I’m sorry. Just stop it already. It is all my fault, just leave him alone right now,” said Nila. (Hope look eyes with Nila this causes her to cry a little as she dashes home.)

“You got some nerve kid. You know damn well how Nila is, yet you took her along trying to be some hero. What would you have done if she got seriously injured or worse,” said Hope.

(Zig looks down.) “You know I really expected more out of you. I thought you told me you wanted to protect her, yet you put her in danger. This is the real world don’t get all big and cocky because people start to know who you are. Now get out of my sight,” said Hope.

(Hope turns around as Zig tosses a smoke bomb near Hope.) “Kid, learn to know your place,” said Hope. (In the smoke Zig touches both of Hope’s arms.) “Ninja Art: Bone crusher,” said Zig. (However, he notices that nothing is happeneing so he backs out of the smoke. Hope does as well. They stand face to face, probably a few yards from each other..)

“So, your body absorbs chakra, not bad. That was one of my special techniques. By force I constantly apply insane levels of chakra to my opponents body, this causes the bones and internal organs to collaspe. I was going easy on you though as I went for your arms, but to think that either way I would have been uneffective with it. Let’s see if you can withstand this technique. Still. I don’t care how strong you are. I’m not going to let you get away with kicking my ass in front of women,” smiled Zig. “Kid, it seems your lesson hasn’t been learned yet,” said Hope.

(Zig begins making handseals. Hope thrusts his hands out as it preparing to do shinra tensei.)

“Ninja Art: All Around Compression,” smiled Zig. “Shinra Tensei,” said Hope.

(The Hokage comes in the middle of them both, which causes them to stop their attacks.) “Yougin get out of here,” said The Hokage. “Ahh, sure thing,” said Zig. (He rushes off.) “Hope. Come on, he’s just a kid. You are five years older than he is, don’t be sucked into his little games,” sighed The Hokage. “Yes, I know. I’m sorry father. It is just that his behavior of his. He could have gotten Nila into some serious danger,” said Hope.

“You realize that boy has a thing for your little sister. Just don’t be so hard on him. He’s just a boy after all. Please try to understand,” said The Hokage. “Yes, I understand father,” said Hope.

(Switch Scene to Sasuke and Shisio. Shisio is taking a stroll while Sasuke follows him.)

“Dude, will you stop following me? You’re beginning to piss me off,” said Shisio. “How about this? I don’t need you as my ally. Just take out Hiro for me. The less nuisances the better,” said Sasuke.

(Shisio quickly turns around and grabs Sasuke by his collar.) “Fine. I’ll do it. But only because I really what Hiro out of the picture and you are starting to drive me insane, after that I’m gone. You’ll never see me again, you got that,” yelled Shisio. “Nice, now I’ll go gather more recruits,” said Sasuke. “What was that,” said Shisio.
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