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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-The Training Session

(Team Hiro trains with Team Uzumaki in order to prepare for the upcoming trials. The young and coming shinobi, train fiercely for the next 5 days.)

“Yeah, I got wind chakra! Looks like I’m gonna be cool just like Hiro Sensei. And if I remember this right, during my studies, the books stated that wind chakra is the best for closest to mid-ranged battles. It suits me just fine, I’m a close ranged fighter anyway,” said Nila. “I wanted Hiro Sensei though,” sobbed Zig.

“That’s right; it is the supreme battle strength for fights in that range. You’ve done your homework,” said Hiro. “Always stealing what’s mine. I wanted to train Sensei’s girl, I should have known she’d have his chakra type,” said Dosa.

“Chop it up to bad luck I guess,” smirked Hiro. “Yeah, shut up,” said Dosa. (The team notices that Hiro and Dosa are argueing.) “Wow, I guess even these guys can’t keep their cool sometimes,” said Zig. “Hiro Sensei,” mumbled Nila. “Man... He is just like an older Zig, I swear,” said Laya. “What was that? How about I give you a doggie biscuit to shut you up,” said Dosa.

“How dare you,” yelled Laya. (Nila does a face palm while Zig busts out into a crazed laughter.) “Hah, hah, hah. This guy got under her skin with a flick of his wrist. This guy is great. He’s my hero. I guess he’s cooler than I thought,” said Zig. (Zig walks over and places his arm around Dosa.) “We can be great friends,” laughed Zig. (Dosa looks up slightly and quickly pulls away, much to Zig’s dismay.) “I don’t care how tall you are. Don’t touch me kid,” said Dosa.

"Ehh, I guess not,” said Zig. (Hiro and Rina look at Dosa with disappointed eyes.) “Hey, what did I do? She started it by comparing me to this wiener,” asked Dosa. “Wiener?! I’ll let you know that,” said Zig. (Nila and Laya start to secretly chuckle. Zig looks overly embarrassed.) “Damn it all,” said Zig. “She’s just a kid,” said Hiro. (Rina punches Dosa in the gut, causing him to kneel over in pain.) “GAAAH,” groaned Dosa. (Nila and Hiro both do a face palm. Laya chuckles secretly while Zig makes a sympatric look.)

“She’s my hero,” mumbled Laya. “For some reason I just got a déj* vu,” said Zig. “Enough of the games, do you know what we are up against?! (Everyone shapes up immediately. Team Hiro then pictures the battles that they’ve witnessed involving the SNA.)

We can’t waste anymore time. Uzumaki Sensei is really busy and is counting on us to provide results. Since you guys have talent, he wants you guys stronger so we can fend off the SNA. Hiro, Dosa, Shun, Uzumaki Sensei and the other nations had trouble with them. 3 of our strongest Anbu-ops died. So cut the bull shit, or nothing will get done and I’ll consider you guys nothing more than worthless heaps of meat,” said Rina. (Everyone looks down. And then straightens up.) “Alright, you hear that maggots,” smiled Hiro. (Everyone cheers up.) “My mother didn’t even talk to me that way,” said Zig.

“Fine,” said Dosa. “I’m ready,” said Nila. (She activates the Byakugan then pulls off her jacket {wind catches it and drifts it elsewhere}, which reveals the paper seals secured to her fish net all over her arms.) “Inokichi,” yelled Laya. (A red large wolf appears next to her after hearing her call. Laya then pops a food pill, which causes her to go into beast mode, sharper teeth, sharper claws, and messy hair.) “She looks even more like a mutt. Better not saying anything, at least when I’m not serious yet,” thought Zig. (He pulls his wrappings off his head. He makes a handseal, soon he draws on his chakra. A human sized dome of chakra envelops Zig’s body. Everyone takes notice.)

“Zig isn’t taking things lightly anymore,” thought Nila. “Show off,” said Laya. “I’ll show you why I’m the only Jounin in my class,” said Zig. (Team Uzumaki takes notice.) “Settle down Zig,” smiled Hiro. “Who is this boy,” thought Dosa. “My, my Hiro, I’m proud of you. Your students, you’ve raised them well. Their chakras are astounding for their age. But this boy’s just keep getting more intense,” said Rina. (The chakra soon dissipates around Zig; Zig’s forehead has veins all across. His sleeves burst off, which shows that veins appear all over his arms as well.)

“Now, it’s show time,” said Zig.

Next Time: Now that Team Hiro has shown why they are worth their praise, the real training begins.
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