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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-Chakra manipulation.

(Team Hiro is ready to get down.) “First, we’ll work on natural chakra manipulation,” said Hiro. “Hey, Hiro, these kids aren’t snot nosed Gennin,” said Dosa. “Yeah, you think,” said Zig. “We should split up. We can’t train them to their full potential if they are all bunched up and have to worry about each other,” said Dosa. “You do have a point,” said Rina. “Sounds like a plan, Nila, get over here,” said Hiro. (Nila rushes over.) “Boy, you’re with me,” said Dosa. “Hmm,” smiled Rina. (Both Zig and Laya follows their trainers to separate locations.)

“Do you know that your father also was a wind elemental user,” said Hiro. “Really, that’s cool,” said Nila. “Yep, and when he found out that I had an affinity for wind like himself, he lit up. He took a quick likening to me and trained me like no tomorrow. I think he saw something special in me. In fact, looking at you, I think I know what he was talking about,” said Hiro.

“Sensei… But, shouldn’t you see that in Zig? I’m not like Zig. I see the way you look at him. When you heard he was promoted to Jounin, your eyes lit up. Me, I’m no one special. I’m just the daughter of the Hokage,” said Nila. “Don’t do that yourself. Zig is a fast learner, and yes, he can do things that a lot of older shinobi can’t. But there is one thing he can’t do,” said Hiro.

“His genjutsu is amazingly powerful and his ninjutsu it’s, it’s. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even think someone so young can be so talented. He’s even better than Teru,” said Nila. “I’m not talking about techniques. The one thing he can’t do; is be you,” said Hiro.

(Nila is shocked with Hiro’s statement.) “Be me,” questioned Nila. “Yes. That fire I see in you. Your will is perhaps greater than anything I’ve ever seen. You remind me so much of your father. Faced with adversity, you never give up. As long as you have the will, you can win over someone who is more skilled yet has less motivation. Will wins over skill any day. I know you haven’t forgotten what your father has told you,” said Hiro.

“Of course not, was just,” said Nila before being cut off. (He then uses a miniscule level of wind chakra to slice off leaves from a tree. He swiftly catches two of them and lands in front of Nila.) “Use your wind manipulation to cut this leaf like so (he instantly slices the leaf when he grabs it slightly). Though, even I struggled with this when I was training under your father as a boy. For you, this should be a breeze. First, start by palming it,” smiled Hiro. (He hands Nila the Leaf.) “Really, even you? I guess I’ll just have to give it a try, since you have so much faith in me,” said Nila. (She palms the leaf. The scene soon switches to Laya and Rina.)

(Laya has a leaf on top of one of her palms. She has trouble trying to make a nice sized water bubble on top of it.)

“This isn’t working,” said Laya. “Ohh. I guess not. Even with your chakra amplified with the pill. I guess you can’t hack it,” said Rina. “What,” yelled Laya. “Don’t take it to heart. It takes 6 months to master this step and several years before you can employ it in actual battle. If you would have started years ago, maybe, but it may be feat over your ability,” said Rina.

“If I can’t do it, what do you suppose we do? I don’t want to fall further behind Zig and Nila,” said Laya. “Hmm, I’ll think of something to keep you busy. Just give me a little more time,” said Rina.

(The Scene switches to Zig and Dosa. Zig is also having trouble. He starts to get a little angry.)
“C’mon kid! What happened to all that talent of yours? Burn the freakin leaf,” said Dosa. “AAAHH, Shut the hell up,” yelled Zig. (With his explosive chakra he blows up the leaf… Around him bunches of exploded leaves lie as a result of his insane chakra and inability to turn it into fire nature. He then picks up another leaf and tries it again.)

“Despite having such a large chakra pool, it seems he can’t convert it into nature. Though, his chakra manipulation skill is indeed impressive. If only he could control fire, he would be an unstoppable force. Though, at the moment, he’s just unsatisfactory,” thought Dosa.

(Another leaf explodes.) “Kid, why are you fuckin up? You have the talent, just do it. Or am I mistaken,” smirked Dosa. (Zig grunts then picks up another leaf. He tries again. Dosa walks over to him and places his hand on his shoulder. Zig is surprised.)

“Picture two rough bars of charka,” said Dosa. “What,” asked Zig. “Just do it. Use your imagination. I know you kids do it a lot. Imagine rubbing them quickly together back and forth until you generate heat. Once the heat grows strong enough, summon it to the surface using your chakra and then blow,” said Dosa. (Dosa sprays a small jet of fire out from his gullet and out his mouth.)
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