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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“I thought you couldn’t do fire,” said Zig. “It is not unusual for Jounin to have more than two natures, though two is usually how many natures a Jounin typically has,” said Dosa. “Two hmm,” mumbled Zig. “Since you are using your fingers, just imagine creating friction in your fingers and use that heat to emit a small flame,” said Dosa.

(Time passes on, as the the scene switches to Nila and Hiro.)

“In your mind, picture two sharp pieces of chakra. Imagine using the large one to sharpen the smaller one into a thin sharper blade. Use that blade to slash through obstacles,” said Hiro. (All of a sudden Nila slices through the leaf.) “Hah. I did it. I did it! Look Sensei, I really cut it,” yelled Nila. “Great work. Your father would be proud. Only several hours! That’s faster than most geniuses,” said Hiro. (She rushes over to embrace him.) “It’s all thanks to you Sensei. You are as good as they say,” said Nila.

(Hiro then begins to smile.) “Actually, it probably has more to do with her ancestry. The Hyuuga are masterful chakra manipulators however, their strick teachings only allowed them to use it for their special taijutsu, besides a lightning or wind styled Hyuuga member is probably rare at best. Still, with the Byakugan, they can see the the fibers and specific energies used in chakra. Nila’s own ancestry probably allowed for her to pin point her chakra type and bring it to the surface with little trouble. With her being Uzumaki Sensei’s daughter, she must have adopted his natural affinity as well.

What a dynamic clash of bloodlines. She carries the blood of a royal Hyuuga as well, so her chakra manipulation in strikes should be high enough to support my idea. If she could implement wind element into the gentle fist, her taijutsu could be enhanced with her wind chakra, which means she could attack internally and externally at the same time to immediately collapse a shinobi’s physical structure… Only a feat a Hyuuga clan member can achieve with a wind affinity. Give me a few days, with her natural talent, I could turn her into a devastating Kunoichi,” Thought Hiro.

(As the Sun sets a little, the scene switches to Laya and Rina’s training zone. Inokichi is carrying Laya’s unconscious body as it is standing in a puddle.)

“It looks like I got it out of her. She sure is talented in the arts of artificial enhancements. Her being in the Inuzaku clan must have eased the stress and side affects they have on the body. I know the clan specializes in physical enhancement drugs, but a talented individual such as her is rare to come by. She was able to to endure three of them and not suffer extreme draw backs while most would succumb to muscle ruptures after a second one.

I hope she can take the experience she gained from using the pills to extend her chakra manipulation, she can’t keep taking three, and even she has her limits. Though, due to her lack of years of expertise in chakra nature manipulation, she’ll probably need to take at least one pill for her to enhance overall chakra manipulation, which would allow her be able to dig deeper and draw her nature to her chakra receptors for the meantime,” said Rina.

(Switch Scene to Dosa and Zig; Zig’s clothes are torn up. Dosa’s weapon is placed elsewhere.)

“You remind me of myself all those years ago. Your stubborn ass,” said Dosa. (Zig is panting.) “I’m plenty strong. I don’t need no stupid nature chakra manipulation. With my chakra, I can perform my own unique chakra based ninjutsu and genjutsu,” said Zig. “Listen here kid! You are alright. Now come at me again,” yelled Dosa.

“AHHHH,” yelled Zig. (He immediately rushes at Dosa. Zig continuously produce jab cross combos repeatedly, aiming at Dosa’s face and mid section. However, Dosa instinctively bob weave, slip his head, smack the jab, and duck defensive movements, disallows Zig to get much off on him. Dosa soon catches Zig’s elbow with his forearms. Dosa twists to the side, which throws Zig off balance. Dosa then does a side kick, which knocks him far and onto the ground.)

“He’s good,” said Zig. “Sorry kid. Taijutsu may work on your Chunnin friends, but against me, don’t push your luck,” said Dosa. “AAAAH,” yelled Zig. (His body is engulfed in a chakra orb again. He then speeds off towards Dosa’s location with a Kunai in each hand.)

“Shit, he’s fast,” said Dosa. (Dosa also parries with two Kunai however, they are shattered by Zig’s. Dosa then tosses a smoke bomb to break up the tension between.) “Hmm, where is he,” asked Zig.

(In the smoke Dosa formulates his plan.)

“He uses his chakra to increase his physical reflexes as well as his physical strength by charging his body with high degree of chakra manipulation through his muscles, nerves, joints, and brain signals that respond to his overall output. I have to gauge his technique,” said Dosa. (He rushes out of the smoke however he is soon tapped by Zig, which transfers all the chakra unto Dosa. Zig then backs off.)

“What the hell is this? My body is surrounded by an intense chakra aura, and my movement is slowed,” said Dosa. (Zig is panting while Dosa slowly moves forward.) “I can’t keep you stable for long because my chakra has gotten low. You’re probably able to move a little. I call this my Implosion technique. I release an enormous amount of chakra around my body, and then once I touch my opponent, the chakra is channeled around them. Then I use my technique to connect to my chakra around you like a remote since it is still my chakra, I can increase the frequency of the waves to crush you. It is a devastating technique to say the least. I’ll go easy on ya though,” smiled Zig.

“Damn brat,” said Dosa. (Zig makes a handseal.) “Ninja Art: Implosion,” said Zig. (The technique destroys a shadow clone.) “What,” yelled Zig. (Dosa comes from the back and chops him on the back of the neck, causing him to faint.) “Where does this kid get his techniques? His choice and chakra usages; almost reminds me of him,” Dosa said.
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