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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-Over the past five days, the young adults became astounding.

(The scene switches to five days later in current time. Nila and Hiro are rushing towards each other. Nila has wind chakra enveloped around her hands and feet as the ground cracks as she races across it. She attempts to strike at Hiro with her sharpened hand however; he draws out one of his Mountain Cutters to parry it with the flat sight, to avoid hurting Nila.)

“I can’t afford to just avoid it now. Her speed and strength with the wind element has improved. It’s like she’s a whole new Nila,” thought Hiro. (Hiro smiles as he effectively parries Nila’s blow. Nila then smiles right back. The Scene soon switches to Laya and Rina’s location.)

“Show me that new technique you’ve been working on,” smiled Rina. “Sure thing. Let’s go Inokichi. (She takes a food pill and then gives one to her companion as well.) Beast Mimicry,” yelled Laya. “So, she’s using her pet as well. Not bad at all,” said Rina. (Two identical Layas make three handseals ending with the bore.)

“Water Element: Gushing Swipe,” yelled Laya. (Water expels from both of their mouths into twisting waves and then takes the form of two twin large claws of water that smashes into the earth as Laya and her double swings their hands.)

“Impressive. To think her pet was capable of it too. That takes extreme chakra manipulation. I guess with all that training I put her through, it is to be expected. Maybe I should contact Uzumaki Sensei and arrange to be a Jounin squad leader or something. The joy of teaching has inspired me,” laughed Rina.

(The Scene Switches to Dosa and Zig’s location. Extremely high walls of flames reaching 100 ft high and 300 ft wide torches the area and leaves nothing but ashes and burnt debris. Dosa’s Earth style wall, which was the same size as Teru’s, collapses and breaks apart like bridle cookies.)

“Unreal… This kid is too unreal,” laughed Dosa. “Heh,” smiled Zig from afar as he wipes his fingers across his nose to give off the hint that he was showing off. Though he kneels down and begins sweating extremely badly.

(Dosa is at his location immediately.) “You alright kid,” asked Dosa. “Yeah. Just don’t ask me to do it again, ok,” said Zig as he smirked. “He’s a genius for sure if I saw one. I just knew if he could take all that powerful chakra and turn it into a fire ninjutsu, it would be an attack beyond my wildest imagination. Hiro’s got some kid he does,” said Dosa.

(Time goes by as it is early afternoon and everyone is resting up just enjoying some nice rays. However, peace is interrupted as Shikamaru lands near Team Uzumaki. Team Hiro however, are still sleeping from their last training session.)

“The Hokage wants Team Hiro with Team Sarutobi to meet at his office immediately,” said Shikamaru. “Please can they recuperate? These guys need their rest. They’ve just got done with training,” said Rina. “It is an emergency. It involves the SNA. We need them on the border between The Fire and the Earth Countries,” said Shikamaru. “Sounds bad,” said Dosa.

“The mission we assigned them to complete was scheduled for a later date. I guess negotiations didn’t go so well after all. Alright, give us five. These guys will be prepared after they’ve gotten their gear together. I wish they’ve could have trained a little more to perfect their new skills. But what they have now should be more than suffice,” said Hiro. “Good. I’m off now to inform Sarutobi,” said Shikamaru. (He speeds off.) “Now it is time to put their training to use. These past five days has improved their abilities over and beyond what many could achieve in years by pushing their bodies to the absolute breaking point. It was a good thing they had natural talents already suitable for advanced nature chakra manipulation. Now, it is time for them to show those SNA bastards how to do it,” said Hiro.

“You aren’t going with them,” asked Rina. “I think these guys are more than ready to head out into the unknown,” said Hiro.

(The three students lay all sprawled up against each other. Zig has his foot kicking Laya in the face, while he has his head on Nila's stomach.)

Next Time: Now with Team Hiro’s new found abilities. They are prepared to duke it out with the SNA.
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