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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“Those are the SNA bastards. I hope they rot on the streets while maggots pick at their flesh when they lie dead in gutters,” said a man passing by. (Then an old man rushes toward Tank and hits him with a broom stick, breaking it across his head.)

“You son of bitch, because of you my son died,” yelled Old Man. (Tank turns around with an evil face.)

“You want to start something inferior insect,” asked Tank. “AHHH,” yelled the Old man. (He tries to run away however, Tank grabs him, chokes him with one hand and lifts him up into the air. Crowds of people surround Sakuya and Tank and are scared for the man’s life.) “Hah, hah, ha,” laughed Tank.

“Tank stop it now! Put him down. Do you want to make a scene,” said Sakuya. “Hmm,” groaned Tank. (He tosses the old man on the ground. Many people gather to pick him up and rush him away as Tank looks at them and makes an evil grin, which causes them run away. The old man then rushes to his family in his hut.)

“Grandpa,” said little girl. “Yes. I’m fine darling,” said Old Man. “Please don’t do that again. I can’t lose you too, now that my husband has lost his life seven years ago. How do you think my daughter would feel? She has to grow up without her father. Don’t let her lose you too, to more bloodshed,” cried Woman. (The old man starts to cry.) “He’s was my only son. And their organization killed him like he wasn’t even human. I hope those bastards get what’s coming to them. How could Mizukage let them in our village like it’s their home,” questioned Old man.

“We have to trust in the Mizukage. She saved us when many counted us good as dead. Please don’t lose faith,” said Woman. (The scene switches back to Tank and Sakuya as they near a bar.)

“Fuck it all. It has been five damn days of waiting for that tailed freak to come home from his mission. I’m freakin tired of looking at these people and these goofy looking houses. And this part of town is even more annoying than usual,” said Tank. “Stop complaining. The boss told us to stay as long as possible until Kai gets here. Right now, we’ll just have to wait it out. And even if we do come across Kai, we have to await orders from the boss before we approach him, as we don’t know anything about his abilities,” said Sakuya. “Ahh. I guess you’re right,” said Tank Reluctantly. (They want into a bar. Tank and Sakuya sits down. A fairly attractive bar tender polishes up a glass.)

“Hmm, it’s empty,” said Sakuya. “It’s the first empty joint we’ve seen in this town. Good, don’t have to deal with no pests,” said Tank. (They scout the area.)

“A, bitch! Whip me up somethin expensive and make it snappy,” yelled Tank as he places his leg on the table and stretches out. “Tank,” sighed Sakuya. (The bartender looks back at him.) “Sorry, I don’t serve cocky arrogant jerks with no manners,” said Bartender. (Tank’s eyes go blood shot while the bartender look disturbed.)

“Sorry miss. It has been a tough day. Please don’t mind him. We’re kind of restless. We’ve been all over the place as of late,” said Sakuya. “You don’t look like the average tourists. Are you guys travelers by any chance,” asked Bartender. “Travelers my ass,” said Tank. “Tank please! Of a sort yeah, we just need to unwind a bit. We pay well. I know you’d understand,” said Sakuya. “Why don’t I just kill the bitch instead,” whispered Tank.

(She brings them drinks. Tank notices something bubbling in the drinks. As Sakuya prepares to drink it, the unthinkable occurs.)

“BITCH WHO THE HELL ARE YOU,” yelled Tank. (He punches the end table, causing it to shatter.) “They’re good,” said Bartender. (Sakuya looks at her drink, she trashes it and then tosses shuriken at the bartender’s face however, she pulls out a Kunai from under her apron and effectively parries them.)

“So, you’re not the average bartender. Tank, good call,” said Sakuya. “I’m under obligation’s to kill you guys,” said Bartender. “DID MIZUKAGE ORDER THIS,” asked Tank. “Maybe, maybe not, either way, I have my own personal reasons for wanting you dead,” said Bartender. (She rips off her wig revealing a medium length purple hair. She proceeds to remove her apron revealing a shinobi in a Jounin-Chunnin attire.)

“You’re the Hidden Mist Alchemist. Also goes by the name of Thorny Rose, said to mix the deadliest of poisons that could drop even the largest of opponents within seconds of contracting,” said Sakuya.

“In other words, she’s Ms. Misa. I guess we over looked this one during the war,” smiled Tank.

(She pulls out two .45 caliber pistols from holsters on her thighs.) “I’m glad that my name reaches you bastards. After all, I’ve had my fair share of killing your specialized asses back in the 4th shinobi war. These weapons of mine fires out bullets that explodes upon being injected into their targets; once exploded, they release massive amounts of deadly substances strong enough to drop a powerful summon in one blow within minutes. Just imagine what they’d do to smaller specimens such as humans,” smiled Misa.

(Switch Scene to the Mizukage’s office, a mist shinobi arrives to immediately inform of something important.)

“It’s Misa. She’s attacking the SNA duo in town,” said Mist Shinobi. (Mizukage gets angry.) “Damn it! Not yet. I told her not to approach them. Watch over the office. I’m about to stop Misa from ruining everything,” said Mizukage.

(The Scene switches to a forested area. The two teams consisting of Team Sarutobi and Team Zig, are converging to their destination. Nila is in the front with Laya while Inokichi is traveling from the back, listening and smelling for interferences. The rest are lined up horizontally in the middle. The scene switches to the recent past, both teams are outside the gates of Konoha with Hiro, The Hokage, and Shikamaru.)
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