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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

(Switch scene to Shisio and Sasuke’s location. They are in the trees stalking an individual walking through the forest.)

“Hey, that’s that kid from the Lightning country. The one I was about to waste and dump into the nearby overgrown pound to feed those overgrown fishes,” said Shisio. “Really, I guess I’ll have to apologize to him when I have you beat the snot out of him and force him to join me. He’s the first on my list of recruits,” said Sasuke. “I’m not feeling especially generous but even if I do decide to kick his ass, what makes you think he’d help you become Hokage,” said Shisio.

“Once I tell him about Konoha’s history and how the Uchiha were treated and the role my brother had to play in order for me to live, he’d most certainly lend a hand. But first, rough him up a bit,” said Sasuke. “You talk as though he’s part of the same clan as you where. What is the connection between you and this boy,” asked Shisio. (Sasuke smiles as the Scene switches to Ryu who is walking down a dirt road in a forest back home from a mission.)

“The Raikage lied to me, there weren’t any girls there. Probably just a pathetic excuse for me to save some sailors whose ship got raided by pirates out at sea. Damn C-rank mission… C’mon who does she think she is giving me such child’s play,” sighed Ryu.

(Switch Scene to the Headquarters of the SNA, Aya is trapped within an immensely huge and powerful cube of chakra which is stationed in a confinement hall down the corridors of the building on the last floor of the fortress. She then bangs louder and louder.)

“Damn it. I can’t disturb this chakra around me. The last thing I remember was fighting that weird snake girl, then all of a sudden my chakra locked up and I fainted. Everyone, I’m sorry,” said Aya. (She lifts up her shirt, which shows a seal that is causing her chakra to go unstable. She makes a handseal, her eyes go demon like for a moment, then shortly reverts back to her normal eyes.)

“It’s no use with this thing they’ve branded me with. What are they going to do to me? I’ve heard in the past that the hosts had their bijuu extracted from this one organization, but that caused their death because it severed soul link that establishes life… Is that, my fate,” questioned Aya.

(Switch Scene to Blank and Tetsuo’s location.)

“While we wait for Tank and Sakuya, I want you to capture the 4th tailed beast in the meantime. It is a powerful being and has a unique ability. In Bijuu forms it uses lava chakra manipulation which is a mixture of fire and earth, that melts through most steels. Though, with your high forms of water elemental ninjutsu, it shouldn’t be a difficult feat for you alone,” said Tetsuo.

“Understood, just prepare the portal,” said Blank. (Blank walks through the portal. The scene switches to the Fire capital. It is in complete ruin. A crater has developed around the entire area. Hope and Tomoyo closes in, then they hide behind trees.)

“The amount of destruction is hard to fathom,” said Tomoyo. “Tomoyo, be sure to turn on your radio, I’m going to check the ruined structure I call you when over in 10 minutes time. Use that to check the area,” said Hope. “Bbb, but,” said Tomoyo. “I’ll be fine. We can’t be at the same location at the moment, or the scouting won’t be effective from further ranges.

“Yes, I understand. I’ll check the animals if I have to,” said Tomoyo. (Hope smiles.) “Over the radio contact me of any chakras that are approaching from whatever distances and from whatever directions. If you need backup, I’ll be there immediately so don’t worry,” said Hope. (He looks at her, she looks down, so he hugs her, which causes her to blush and brighten up.)

“It’ll be fine. I’m counting on you,” said Hope. (He rushes off to check the ruined area. Then 10 minutes pasts by.)

"How's the situation," asked Hope. "It's fair, no hostile chakras," said Tomoya. "Good, meet back up with me," said Hope.

Next Time: Blank approaches the 4th tailed beast, while the Mizukage tries to clear up the confusion with the SNA.
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