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how did raikage avoid amateraus exactly?

id like to hear your views..but here me out first, please constructive arguments only

when amaterasu was introduced it was supposed to be unavoidable

sasuke didnt avoid it he got hit but he replaced himself,

"the flames will burn whatever the eye focuses on, it converges at EXACTLY that point"

so amaterasu is fire outwards it appears at whatever the eye is looking at..

so how did raikgae avoid it...u can say he avoided it with pure speed the sharingan cannot follow..BUT

1. why did amateraus continue on to hit the samurai behind raikage, if the flames appear exactly at that point why did it keep moving backwards?

2. raikage would need to be constantly moving at the speed to avoid any amaterasu that could be coming his he must have predicted amaterasu was coming if not the flames woulda appeared and it would have been too late

let me explain it again, the flames burn exactly at the point of the eye which conscnetrates on, if raikage keeps going at that speed then the eye cannot concentrate but how did rai know sasuke was going to use it, because u cannot start moving at the speed AFTER amaterasu is activated its already too late..the flames woulda already appeared and burnd and as rai moves the flames would still be on the body since the body was the point which the eyes focused on when the body was at stand still.

so basically im using actual texts from the manga and im questioning how rai doged it? does rai have to constantly move at that speed just in case sasuke tries it again?
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