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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-United Fronts

(The Scene is at Mizugakure, the people trash and throws insults at Sakuya and Tank. The scene switches to Mizukage, as she talks with Misa.)

“I told you to leave them alone. Our nation’s success relies on the power of the SNA. That stunt you pulled could have ended in us being in disagreement with them, which would not only make us weaker against other nations, it would turn the SNA on our backs,” said Mizukage. “I don’t want to hear it, Reika,” said Misa.

“Reika? Where do you get off showing such low respect,” yelled Mizukage. “There’s no need for me to explain myself, one who has sunken low, so low that she needs to ally herself with the bottom feeder, war hounds that hurt our people,” said Misa. (She vanishes from the scene. The scene switches to a town in the village, Tank and Sakuya are walking down a pathway. The Mizukage soon crosses paths with them.)

“What do you want,” asked Tank. “Sorry about earlier, she acted out on her own,” said Mizukage. “Heh, whatever happened, happened. Just make sure the eight tails gets here. When you meet him give him a message. Tell him we’re here for him. Just make sure you tell him,” said Tank. “I’m amazed that he got all that out without going insane. It seems Tank’s excitement has been lowered by this whole affair, I can’t blame him,” thought Sakuya.

“I understand. Just, give me more time, and use my village to your full capacities,” said Mizukage. (Tank and Sakuya turns around.) “Kai, though I wanted you to be a little late so I could better formulate my plans, the SNA are getting impatient, where the hell are you? And Shisio, where do you get off not returning back to the village,” thought The Mizukage. (The Scene switches to a secluded location in a tent like area. Misa rolls out a scroll and places her hands on it. She then makes a handseal.)

“Kai told me to contact him using communication transfer technique around this time,” said Misa. (Soon words appear on the scroll. Misa then opens her eyes and begins to read it to herself.)

-The SNA have already started collecting the tailed beasts… Soon, they’ll be after me. Though, I have been entrusted with a sealing technique to seal the Sanbi and Rokubi into two individual summoning scrolls that I am carrying on my person as I speak, so that’s two

out of their hands. With my chakra and my ability to control my Bijuu, I can put up quite the resistance if I’m attacked. However, there are two more Bijuu out there without hosts.

I don’t agree with my mother anymore, her quest for supreme power thrusts us into a world of turmoil and soon, she’ll seal her fate along with the village’s as she’s playing with matters that she can’t predict the outcome. She was only using me, and I fear as though she may use me as a bargaining chip considering I’m the key to the other two missing Bijuu, and I hold the power of Eight Tailed Beast.

As I relay this message, I am in the Fire Country, trying to keep a low profile. I will make a plea with The Hokage after I’ve come across and sealed the Gobi. It is fact that they’ll capture the Ichibi, and I’ve lost contact with two of the remaining hosts. Though, as long as I’m allied with the The Hokage, that will increase our chances against them, even if it is just by 1%. Don’t trust that woman. I don’t even consider her my mother anymore.

“So, that’s what Kai is up to. I’ll continue to remain as a loyal villager despite my actions I might have botched it a little. Still, can’t get the Mizukage’s suspensions high,” Thought Misa.

(The scene switches to a remote location out in the Fire Country. A slightly tall man with light brown afro in a pony tail, and light skin, stands face to face with the Gobi as it stands over a large pond. He also carries three large scrolls on his back. He dawns gray pants with a gray shirt. He wears a plain vest with many slots for ninja gear. He has the leg and forearm cloths that suits Mist Shinobi. His face shares physical characteristics to Killer Bee’s, just recessed due to his mixed background.)

“This powerful chakra, no need to hold back, I’ll need to release the bull, the king of all rampage,” said Kai.

“OOOOOO [high pitched low o sound],” yelled Gobi. “Alright, Gobi, I’m about to capture you,” said Kai. (The Gobi dives in the water. Kai goes full Bijuu mode and uses an enormous chakra blast to completely eradicate the large pond of water. Immediately, the Gobi flies through the air and hits a nearby bank. Kai reverts to the tailed states.)
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