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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

blend in with the environment,” said Sarutobi. (Sarutobi takes out 7 cloaks from within his huge bag. They soon put them on and pull up their hoods. They all look like reapers ready to kill.)
“These were knitted by Tomoya; Hope is likely to be wearing a similar design. These are special, when a degree of light hits them, the color of the cloaks blends in with the same lightning theme of the area due to the special chakra properties to absorb lighting and give off a similar affect. It won’t make us invisible, but it will make us hard to be spotted from long range. Stay low, we will take out each quietly without being compromised; this means no explosive techniques, we need to keep things at a minimum. Classic shinobi tactics in affect the whole way; this is a sneaking mission, we are outnumbered, two enemies over 4/1 and the enemies are all together, we probably won’t survive an ambush,” said Sarutobi.

(They are all stalking the area infested with hostile enemies, solid snake style, being careful of every trap and feeling for the environment. Nila waves her arm in front of everyone else.)

“Everybody drop down,” whispered Nila. (They all drop flat to their bellies without a beat.) “Inokichi, lay,” whispered Laya.

“Nila, what is it,” whispered Sarutobi. “They are all closing in. It seems they’re ready for a meeting,” said Nila. “Damn, what fucking timing,” said Zig. “Oh my God, 30 against seven,” mumbled Taishi. “Ok, just breath,” said Shitai. “Guys, suck it up,” said Midori.

“Don’t be complacent guys. Nila, what are the current patterns,” asked Sarutobi. “Well, there are five coming in front right now, the others are coming in at different rates, but surely coming. This must be their meeting place. Guys, I’m going to kill the five in front just stay lone and wait a few minutes, these guys are nearing. Let them get within range,” said Nila. (Little time goes by.)

“Shhhs… Keep silent boy,” said Laya. (Inokichi gets a little frightened.)

“Guys, remain low. Let me handle it this,” said Nila. (She makes a handseal, which causes her hands to be charged with wind chakra.) “She’s a wind type,” thought Sarutobi. (Nila then pulls out shuriken from her medium sized bag. Her eyes zoom in on the five troops walking closer; immediately the wind manipulated shuriken strikes the necks of each of the sentries.)

“Targets eliminated,” said Nila. (Everyone silently cheers about her ability.) “Impressive,” said Sarutobi. (Nila gets a little nervous.) “You straight Nila,” asked Zig. “Guys, there are three coming in fast. They probably tried to call the other ones that were dead, yet had no response. The others are moving in as we speak, they’re coming in from the back,” said Nila. (As she turns around Sarutobi pulls out his chakra knives.) “I’ll handle them, just give me their immediate positions,” said Sarutobi. “Right,” said Nila. (Seconds go by.) “Go now Sarutobi,” said Nila.

(Sarutobi rushes in back and intercepts the three sentries.)

“The hell are you,” asked enemy 1. “Konoha hmm so you killed our allies up ahead,” said enemy 2. “Get em,” said enemy 3. (They all attack, Sarutobi extends the length of one of his wind chakra that is connected to his chakra knife, and with the long thin blade of wind chakra, the heads of the three shinobi are sliced off immediately instantly. Sarutobi then drops to the ground and rolls into a bush just slightly west of his position. Then he contacts Nila on radio by touching his ear, which contains an ear piece.)

“Nila, I’m going to remain here and watch your asses. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” said Sarutobi. (Switch Scene to the group, they continue to formulate their plan.)

“Sarutobi Sensei is watching the rear, Zig, listen up. There are 10 shinobies closing in 50 yards of our position east, you can’t miss them,” said Nila.

“Alright guys. Listen up. No fucking bull shit, we work together. I want a flank on these fools. You guys make the distraction. I’ll contact you on the radio when I’m in position. Let’s move out,” said Zig. “YES SIR,” said both Shitai and Taishi. (They move out Taishi and Shitai remain low, but rushes into the fray and then drop to the ground. Zig takes off and stalks around the side of the large area, slowly but surely moving in back of the 10 shinobi.)

“Let’s not let Zig down, or he’ll never acknowledge us as rivals,” said Taishi. “Yeah, we’ll show em that we can hack it,” said Shitai. “Let’s pop some smoke,” said Taishi. (They toss multiple smoke bombs then toss many Kunai and Shuriken into the smoke. The enemies are shocked that their position is being compromised.)
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