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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“Damn, we can’t see and our location is pin pointed,” said enemy 1. “Fuck, how could they of found us,” asked enemy 2. “There must be some strong trackers ahead,” said enemy 3. “And they got the smoke,” said enemy 4. (Three end up dying from the projectiles.)

“Think we got some,” asked Shitai. “Maybe, but Zig will take care of the rest,” said Taishi. (Zig contacts them.) “Alright, I’m in position. Moving in,” said Zig as he calls in from the radio. (Zig approaches the remaining enemies from the back. He expertly tosses 4 shuriken at the necks of four shinobi killing them. The enemies notice as they turn around.)

“Shit, they flanked us,” said enemy 5. “How could we let a kid do this to us,” asked enemy 6. “It is three on one, he can’t possibly win,” said enemy 7. “Believe that if you want,” smiled Zig. (He makes a few handseals.) “Ninja Art: Bone Crusher,” said Zig. (Chakra forms around Zig’s hands. One shinobi tries to cut his head off with a Kunai however, Zig ducks then touches where the guy’s heart is at which causes a deep hand print to be pressed into his chest, the guy kneels over and dies as blood comes out of his mouth.)

“KID What did you do,” yelled enemy 6. (The remaining enemies are attacking Zig’s left and right, at the same time. They try to attack with Kunai however, Zig crushes both of their weapons. He then grabs hold of their hands, and then shatters their bones causing them to go into pain and back off.)

“AAHHH,” yelled Enemy 6. “WHAT DID YOU DO,” yelled Enemy 7. “Like that don’t you? I release massive amount of chakra into my hands, when I strike with my chakra activated into my hands, the pressure from the chakra presses it onto the body as long as I continue to channel, and if I don’t stop, I shatter bones hence the name. It is a physical ninjutsu,” said Zig.

(They try to run away however, Zig rushes over and slices their necks with two Kunai. Zig then rushes over to Shitai and Taishi’s locaton.)

“You got em,” said Shitai. “Yeah, good work guys,” said Zig. “We should probably head back to Nila’s,” said Taishi. (As they slowly return to avoid any possible ambushes, Nila makes her next command.)

“Midori, Northwest from this position, take out the lone enemy troop. Laya, take out the lone patrol Northeast from this position as well,” said Nila. (Laya takes Inokichi with her, as she and Midori goes off to take care of business. Zig, Shitai, and Taishi returns from completing their objectives and joins back up with Nila.)

“Where’s the mutts and Midori,” asked Zig. (Taishi and Shitai smirks at little.) “I guess he has his jokes,” said Shitai. “Heh, he’s not too bad I guess,” said Taishi. “I HEARED THAT,” yelled Laya. (She drops in with Midori and Inokichi.)

“They’re taking care in the afterlife,” said Midori. “Nila, how many left,” asked Zig. “It is funny, I don’t see anymore,” said Nila. “What,” asked Taishi. “Could they have withdrawn,” asked Zig. “No, I would have seen them pull out; maybe I placed so much attention on the incoming enemies from just 100 yards away, I didn’t extend the Byakugan further enough to predict the whereabouts of those who could have escaped,” said Nila. (All of a sudden Sarutobi lands near the group, he is covered in the enemies’ blood.)

“Told ya, I’d what your back,” smiled Sarutobi. “Whew! I guess I didn’t mess up, though if I were more focused, I probably would have noticed this,” smiled Nila. (He pulls of his drenched filled cloak of blood and tosses it aside, everyone starts smiling.) “Wow, you’re amazing Sensei,” said Shitai. “Yeah, I’d like to see Hiro do that,” said Taishi. “No offense to Sarutobi Sensei, but Hiro Sensei would still murder Sarutobi Sensei,” said Zig. “WHAT,” both yelled by Shitai and Taishi.

“In any case, we should proceed to the border. I need the distances and time it would take to arrive,” said Sarutobi. (Nila pulls out the map, scans it, then uses Byakugan to glance the area ahead.)

“A rough estimate of maybe 4 more hours until we reach the Earth Country’s border,” said Nila. “No break then. Once we are in Earth Country, we’ll set up camp again, let’s go, get to stepping,” said Sarutobi. (Everybody starts complaining. The Scene switches to the camp site of the Fire Country’s capital as many tents cover the area. A tent is set up and Tomoya has a sleeping bag set up as she sleeps in it, Hope is in the tent as well however, he is still awake and he is fiddling with micro-chips and machine scraps.)

“These pieces, they’re ancient in origin. How is that even possible? How is it that they have technology that dates back centuries ago when their organization just came into their own just years ago,” questioned Hope. “Ho, Hope? You’re still up? Why don’t you get some sleep? Figure everything out in the morning, don’t stress yourself out, and don’t let Lee’s spare bag go to waste,” yawned Tomoyo. (She goes back to sleep.) “I suppose you’re right. No use struggling with it now,” said Hope. (He opens up his bag and gets inside. He looks at Tomoyo while she sleeps. He slightly blushes.) “Bad Hope! Must be the stressful situations forcing me to think of such malicious intents as I’m losing my composure. Well if it is only intent and not an action, it’s cool,” smiled the blushing Hope as he goes to sleep.

Next Time: Approaching the Earth Country. The SNA prepares to strike Mizugakure in 3 day’s time.

-Background Information

Sa-mosutatto Mikoto: Though he hasn’t shown up in the story yet, he will eventually. His abilities have already been discussed in the story. He wears no shirt and dresses in Karate type pants with no shoes. He has long red hair has a face like Lu Kane from Mortal Combat.
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