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Re: 465 Prediction/Spoilers Discussion

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Sasuke's out of control, he's not thinking of chakra, or his teammate, only death. He is now Anakin Skywalker. For setting Raiku on fire he'll always be wanted. Karin will run to Sasuke to let him know about Danzou, Juugo will go help Suigetsu injured. Dark Zetsu will show up to reclaim the rest of his body, and Danzou's coward ass will flee. I have a sinking feeling that KillerBee will show up sooner or later, they'res no other reason for Kishi to introduce KB's character other than the battle and possibly now. If anything Raichu and Sasuke fought to a draw, but its only speculation what would've happened the last kick vs. enton. Regardless Sasuke's doing his thing, but something has to give soon.
I fully agree this fight is gonna stop somehow
Sasuke used to much Chakra he can't keep up
hmm i think killerbee showing up is the best idea
that would and should calm the raikage
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