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Re: 465 Prediction/Spoilers Discussion

Alright, I’ll get the prediction underway.
Another Specialist Prediction

-A candle light that burns like a torch through the night

“The power of darkness hmm,” said Gaara. “Gaara, what is going on? All our attacks were dead on,” said Temari. “He said his ultimate defense was better than yours. He might be right,” said Kankuro. (Raikage and Shii come crashing in.)

“Boss, we gave it all we’ve got, I don’t think even you’ll make a difference,” said Darui. “Bull shit,” said Raikage. “What are you going to do with one arm,” asked Shii. “Crap,” said the sighing Darui. (Raikage charges up, and rushes in to attack Sasuke’s Sasunoo as the scene soon switches to Karin’s location.)

“YES! But Sasuke doesn’t look too pleasing, not even all of them combined can attack him,” said Karin. (She glances over at Juugo and Suigetsu.) Damn, they’re in bad shape. Everyone is distracted, I should be able to reach them,” said Karin. (She rushes in front Suigetsu.)

“Hey! What about me? Pull this blade out why won’t ya,” asked Suigetsu. “Quiet down or they’ll hear us, and Juugo comes first,” said Karin. (As she rushes toward Juugo’s location.) “Damn, what a bitch,” said Suigetsu. (She reaches Juugo’s location.) “Karin,” mumbled Juugo. “Hurry and bite me,” said Karin. (Juugo bites Karin.) “AHHHHH,” groaned Karin. (His wounds heal on Juugo’s body.) “Thanks, let’s go get Suigetsu,” said Juugo.

(They both rushes over to Suigetsu’s location.) “Juugo, get this out of me,” said Suigetsu. (Juugo pulls the blade out while he gets shocked a little. Soon the lightning fades from Darui’s blade while it sits on the ground. Suigetsu picks up the blade.)

“This is mine now,” said the smiling Suigetsu. “Karin, have you located Danzou,” asked Juugo. “Yeah, but there were some powerful chakras around his location; it was probably the other three Kages and their aides. They also have sensors with them, if we move out we run the risk of being intercepted,” said Karin. “Looks like we’re stuck,” said Juugo. “I wouldn’t be worried though. Look at Sasuke, not even the
Raikage can’t get a hit off on em,” said Suigetsu. “There’s something not quite right about Sasuke, something ominous,” said Karin.

“The darkness of his chakra surpasses Orochimaru’s; even I can feel it,” said Juugo. (The scene is at Raikage. He is pounding away at Sasunoo. He punches and kicks it and then move out the way as the arms try to grab him. The arm attacks him, Raikage then blocks and then returns back to the group.)

“It can’t be hopeless,” said Raikage. (Gaara walks in front of Raikage.) “Let me. I’ll face him,” said Gaara. “Hmm, don’t get your hopes up Kazekage. But if you do manage to touch him, let me be the one to kill him,” said Raikage. (Sand from Gaara’s gourd pours on the ground and then mixes with the earth as it dives into the ground.) “He’s making more sand,” said Kankuro. “He’s probably going to test Sasuke’s technique,” said Temari. “This boy,” mumbled Shii. “

What is it,” asked Darui. “His chakra… That’s right, he use to be a host however, Akatuski stolen it from him. He survived because one of the council members of Suna used a Tensei to exchange her life for his,” said Shii. “But what does it mean about his chakra,” said Darui. “It is because he used to be a host, that his chakra endured the Bijuu’s chakra, that probably increased his chakra capacity as it was used to balance out the Bijuu’s chakra since he was born,” said Shii. (Around the battlefield, sand covers the entire floor. Gaara then begins making handseals in rapid succession. He keeps doing it as the sand starts to lift up. Gaara then claps his hands together.)

“Quicksand Waterfall Current,” said Gaara. (An ocean of sand covers the area as waves of sand smashes into Sasunoo. Sasuke commands the Sasunoo to defend with its arms. Sasunoo is being rattled and moves back slightly.)

“Such power, Gaara of the Desert, but it’s useless,” said Sasuke. (The scene swiches to Team Falcon.)

“His chakra is on par with Raikage’s,” said Karin. “I guess he won’t have such an easy time with them,” said Suigetsu. (The scene switches back to the battle. Gaara then extends his arms out as the sand lifts higher up and starts to circle around Sasunoo in spirals.)

“The feeling is back… Sand Hurricane,” said Gaara. (A huge hurricane of sand spirals around Sasunoo, and then latches onto to it; Gaara then extends out his arm.) “Desert Funeral,” said Gaara. (Sasunoo is

then put under extreme pressure from Gaara’s jutsu. Everyone is surprised and believed that he had done it, until the sand falls from Sasunoo, revealing it to be unharmed.)

“Nice try kid,” said Raikage. “Like I said before, it is no use,” yelled Sasuke. (Team Falcon cheers. Gaara soon comes to a revelation.) “Sasuke’s barrier technique doesn’t seems to be mounted to the earth . (He remembers pushing Sasunoo with his sand technique.) That’s it, the ounce of light,” said Gaara. (Gaara places his hands on the sand.)

“I told you it is pointless. This is the ultimate defense,” said Sasuke. “The night doesn’t last forever,” said Gaara. (Sand erupts like a geyser from the floor of beneath Sasuke’s feet.) “FROM THE BOTTOM,” said Sasuke. “This kid tunneled the sand up under Sasuke. That thing doesn’t protect him from attacks that come up from under the bottom. Not bad Kazekage. UCHIHA SASUKE, I’M READY,” yelled Raikage. (He jumps up in the air and prepares to dive into the sand. The scene switches back to Sasuke’s position. The Sand just keeps rushing in. The scene switches to Karin.)
“SASUKE,” yelled Karin.

Next Chapter: Has the Sasunoo failed?
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