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Re: The new Madara vs The New World Hockage

If u think about it, they were all good people at ssome point in time. 1st 2 brothers didnt have a problem til father died and left everything to little bro. The hatred in big bro began. That's pretty much understandable, still not right but it's human. They had different views on the world

Madara admired The 1st Hokage, and the 1st respected his arch nemesis enough to agree to coexist in one village. Madara was not so much driven mad by not being ion top i dont think, but that he was "forced" to take his brother's eyes and therefore "life" for Uchiha, and Uchiha wanted to agree to this treaty with the same clan his brother gave his life for. If peace would have come so soon, he brother might not have had to die. He couldnt accept it. This too is understandable in a world where nobody knew anything but war, and every clan for his own, and always Uchiha vs. Senju. Madara wanted to at least rule so his brother didnt die just to become 2nd in command to their enemies.

Sasuke was a good, loving child, but was mind raped while he was still at an age to be still developing his personality. Gaara was mind raped by a male family member as well, and at a much younger age and he turned out ok but Gaara is not Sasuke. To each his own. Sasuke was mislead by Itachi to think that hatred is the key to growth and Sasuke feels like that's what got him this far so... Gaara changed because the 1st man to ever defeat him was Naruto, and Gaara couldnt understand how Naruto could be so strong until he listened to Naruto's words.

Unfortunately for Sasuke, he has heard Naruto's words and knows their effect on people, so he has built up an immunity to it since he knows he can expect it. Naruto's words cant effect Sasuke like they do "strangers"

Naruto is destined to See Jiraiya dream of world peace come true. Sasuke represents all the evil in the world as said, so if Naruto can save him from himself and the world then he can save the world. Honestly, Naruto will save the world even if Sasuke has to die, even if by his hands, but i think "Sasuke being saved" will have that connection to saving the world and finally ending this Uchiha curse of hatred with Senju and the world and together as one rebuilding what was lost due to the hatred.

Senju and Uchiha all come from the same great blood that make them powerful. They have a blood connection and now that Sasuke is the only possibility to rebuild Uchiha in the right way, he and Naruto must find the way back and break the curse. Maybe once " the curse is broken" Sasuke offsping and future Uchiha will not be capable of MS. Maybe just 1 born every 100 years, still possessing some of that blood deep hatred in him and direct descendant of Sasuke's will be able to get MS, but the curse will cause him to go blind if he overuses that MS.
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