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Re: The Marijuana Subject

Originally Posted by EJ View Post
I was taking it seriously until I saw that and then I stopped reading. =\ Regardless of that, I think it should probably stay illegal. I'd rather keep my brain cells alive ;]
assassins used to be called ashashins, or asheeshins. thats a fact. look it up. they used to smoke hasheesh, or hash. thats a fact.

that last part is some of the stupidest shit i ever heard. just because its legal doesnt mean you have to smoke it non stop 24/7. you dont have to smoke it at all. What do you think, just because its legal that you'd be forced to smoke it, and that every body else will just suddenly get the urge to smoke it like crack. if people wanna smoke it they can, if not, it's as simple as not smoking it. now i know that the world is filled with dumbasses. and if they choose to blow all their money on marijuana and ruin their lives, THAT IS THEIR CHOICE, NOT THE CHOICE OF THE MARIJUANA. those dumbasses deserve to ruin their lives if they're stupid enough to let something other than them control their life.

legalization is mainly for those who smoke every now and then and dont wanna worry about getting arrested for some dumb ass shit. at least those are the people who work for its legalization.

the dumbass potheads who smoke their brains out just cuz they think its cool dont work for its legalization. but they sure dont mind to let it ignorantly run out their mouth every chance they get.

people, think about the stupid shit you say before it comes out your mouths.

oh and Mal.... since when the fuck was salvia considered a relatively new drug. its been known for decades. just cuz it hasnt been widely popular and known doesnt mean it didnt exist. its not outlawed in over half of the U.S. states.
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