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Re: The Marijuana Subject

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Take your own advice.

DA said nothing but perfectly rational things, yet you called him narrow-minded. Mal is also correct in his argument about salvia. It's not illegal because it's not well known. What they're saying makes perfect sense. You completely misunderstood DA's post, and you're arguing a losing, irrelevant battle with the salvia thing.

Pot is a drug. Fact. It does have negative attributes. Fact. Why you're being so defensive about shit like that, I dunno. But it's stupid as all hell. Something being a drug or something having negative effects=/= it should be illegal. Aspirin is a drug that can have downsides to it too, and it's legal. Seriously, why are you even fighting about that shit? Try thinking a bit and picking your battles a little better. Holy fuck.
first off wut the fuck are you talkin about..... the only shit i argued with DA was about the assassins thing.... which was true. they used to smoke it to calm their minds. they didnt have insecurities that are generated by todays society. their mindset is completely different based on wut DA was comparing them too. which is todays youth.

and ya it has some negative effects on some people but it also has all positive effects on positive people. if it has a negative effect on you, you shouldnt smoke it. like how people who are allergic to peanut butter shouldnt eat peanut butter

salvia is legal in a majority of the US. and its existence and effects have been known since 1939.

it only has negative effects on some people. fact. those people shouldnt smoke it. its only illegal for dumbass corporate reasons. im defending marijuana because im one of those people that it doesnt have negative effects on. it helps me relax and enjoy the important things, and shake off the little things, which in turn hightens my quality of life.

why does your dumbass think it should be illegal. cuz its not illegal because of its effects. because the biggest downside is something thats not all to harmful. but asprin can kill you if you take a few too many pills. along with pretty much every other drug advertised on tv. marijuana cant kill you. any smoke will cause you harm, smoke of the grill will cause you harm.

it should be legal for several reasons. it would be taxed which would boost the economy, would create thousands of jobs. stop putting money towards marijuana related charges. and people could use it for personal use, and for a lot of people will really increase their quality of life
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