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Re: The Marijuana Subject

Wait, why the FUCK is this 'debate' getting into 'assashins'?

''bro, assassins used to light up so they are called hash-assins lololololol, it's true LOOK IT UP"

Cite your sources you fuckwit. Seriously.

As for health concerns, weed is one of the 'safest' drugs you can take.

Smoking a cigarette is, in every way, worse for you than smoking an equal amount of pot.

Originally Posted by uchihademon91 View Post
it should be legal for several reasons. it would be taxed which would boost the economy, would create thousands of jobs. stop putting money towards marijuana related charges. and people could use it for personal use, and for a lot of people will really increase their quality of life

You are fucking retarded.

If someone with more intelligence (me) wrote that paragraph it might make sense. But you just make it seem like a dumb as fuck idea.

There are too many losers out there who couldn't handle it being legal. People who can't function in normal society as it is, never mind getting the O.K. to toke up whenever they wanted.

Don't get me wrong, I am friends with plenty of people who smoke, and I know plenty of old people who smoke. They get a long just fine. But they are the exception. They aren't the Jeff Lebowski's of this world.

They are able to get high as a kite with friends, then stay sober until an appropriate time. Without becoming 'addicted' to it.

De-criminalization is what SHOULD be done as far as legality is concerned. I don't think that people carrying under an oz. should be arrested. They should get a fucking ticket worth 10 times what the pot would cost. (I have no idea.) Just like a parking ticket.

The dealers and shit, yah I guess throw their punk asses in jail but whatever, I still fail to care enough about it. But just some kid trying to get high with his friends, it's no big deal.

And RNB, the whole, "IT EXPANDS YOUR MIND, BRO!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!!" shit...

Ya, it's full of shit. You just think you are smarter than god. Some stoner once told me, "As the owl flies, time is of the waste."

Then I got high and started thinking..."Waste like excrement?....does that mean something is bigger than time and is devouring it...then pooping it out."

I thought that was some profound as fuck shit.... Then I sobered up and felt retarded so I went home.

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