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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-Preparations for War

(It is early morning as the sun shines brightly over the village of Konoha. In The Hokage’s office, The Hokage sits in his chair and is greeted at his desk by a familiar face who is wearing an all black robe that is secured around the waist by a black cloth. The man carries a short-sword holstered on his waist. He bows down to The Hokage, much to the Hokage’s dismay.)

“Lord Hokage, it is an honor to continue business with you,” said unknown man. “Oh, Sai, no need to address me with such dramatics, as you are also of high prestige in this village. You were a part of Team 7 and is a loyal comrade to the end. Please call me Naruto,” said The Hokage. (Sai looks a little embarrassed as he stands up.) “Yes, Naruto, I am eternally saddened for what happened to Bruce, Rise, and Braig. They were your best Anbu Agents,” said Sai.

“Oh, that’s fine. Don’t stress yourself out over it, they knew what they were getting themselves into. But, unto more pressing concerns; I contacted you, the Head of the Root because I believe your organization may play a primary role in collapsing the SNA,” said The Hokage. “We humbly accept your request. My men will gladly honor the wishes of The Hokage; whatever it is that you want done, will be. Just make the order and it will be carried out in full, no restrictions attached,” said Sai.

“One of my former students, Dosa, was once a sleeper in the army of the SNA. We simulated a program by securing data from the SNA project from the ruins of their creation base. With that data, we were able to implement the enhanced physical and mental abilities granted to the SNA shinobies that produced more accurate and successful ninja tactics in battle, into Dosa,” said The Hokage.

“That was very risky of you Naruto, you knew the risks involved in doing that, yet you were willing to bet your own student’s life,” said Sai. “I know, but he really wanted to undergo the program, he wanted to make it up for being such a hazard to his squad during the past. He told me he wanted to do the village good, so he signed up, and he was one of the best suitable for the host body testing, we were very optimistic,” said The Hokage. “I see,” said Sai.

“We ordered Dosa to betray the village and aide himself with the scattered and rouge remains of the SNA troops. The SNA believed that Dosa was scorn by his villagers due to him having abilities and talents familiar with their own, so they accepted him in their arms,” said The Hokage. “Played like a violin,” said Sai. “For a few years, we lost contacted with Dosa, thinking he might have actually have gone away. Then, all of a sudden, I received a notice from Dosa regarding the meteor, and then we put our grand scheme into motion.

His information was very valuable; not only were we able to come to the conclusion that the SNA has become stronger and established an actual armed threat; we were able to notify the allied nations of the coming threats of the SNA. I come to you now, because I want three of your best trackers/sensors to work along aside Dosa,” said The Hokage.

“Surely the SNA wouldn’t simply not expect intrusions given that Dosa has betrayed them; we’d lose them for sure,” said Sai. “Challenging at this point would indeed be stupid; they’ve been amassing jutsu and strengthening their troops with forbidden arts. Also, the spy network I’ve set up shows that they’ve been rounding up Bijuu, it would indeed be a dead mission,” said The Hokage. “Then,” questioned Sai. “Mizugakure, the investigations start there,” said The Hokage. “Are you serious,” asked Sai. (The Hokage shakes his head to confirm Sai’s suspensions.) “From the previous encounters with the SNA, we determined that the Sevenmist swordsmen were in cahoots with the SNA. At the very least, the Mizukage has shook hands with the SNA, probably even before that,” said The Hokage.

“Are you kidding me? The SNA were used by the allied nations including you, to fend off Mizugakure. Why would Mizukage aide herself with the ones who caused her nation to the brink of collapse,” asked Sai. “The Mizukage doesn’t give a damn about her people; she just worries about power and standing in the shinobi world. She would shake hands with the devil in order to get what she wants. I have a theory that she may have staged the attack on the Cloud seven years ago after I led the allied nations to victory in that war,” said The Hokage.

“It seems the rumors might be true, though we can’t ask the SNA to look back and accept that. This is war, such matters without proof would not be enough to justify the pain and horrors the allied nations, including ourselves, put the SNA through,” said Sai. “I understand that more than anyone else. Though we need to keep tabs on Mizugakure for the meantime, to ensure that we are prepared for whatever that lady has planned; a curve ball at this point will not be in the best interest of the allied nations,” said The Hokage. (Sai nods his head as he agrees.)

“Sir! I’ll go notify Mai, Kou, and Tabito to report to your office immediate,” said Sai. (He turns around and heads for the door. As he opens the door, Shikamaru walks in. They greet each other nicely and go on with their business.)

“Naruto, you held a conference with Sai? This must mean you are indeed serious about your next move, if you are thinking about relying on the Root to carry out your next objective,” said Shikamaru. (The Hokage smiles as he goes on to deal with Shikamaru.)

“Shikamaru, I need you to locate Dosa for me, and have him report to my office asap,” said The Hokage. “What a drag, after I went through the effort of isolating the genjutsu spell placed on the bottom feeder SNA troops Shun sent in before he was sent into intensive care, I get pulled into another task. Give me a damn break will ya? Being the head of the Code Breakers isn’t easy work. Then I have to take care of all your damn paper work. Being your personal assistant despite my hands being full is a little much. Honestly Naruto, you should have had Hinata deal with the paper work as she's pratically free from her roles as the head of the Hyuuga and passed it down to her younger sister Inabi when she married you," said,” said Shikamaru.

"So, what are you asking of me, old friend," The Hokage asked. "Give me a damn break! I have a family of my own," said Shikamaru. “Ha, ha, ha,” laughed The Hokage. (Shikamaru sighs.)

“How an inconsiderate jerk like you became Hokage is sometimes a wonder to me,” said Shikamaru. (The Scene switches to a middle aged man wearing white priest attire with a staff in his hands.)

“The barrier has been broken,” said the priest. (Switch Scene to on top of the roof tops of a building. Neji, who is dressed in police corp. attire is joined with two unidentified Hyuuga clan members.)

“Sempai,” said unidentified corp. member. “Should we attack,” asked another unidentified corp. member. “No, his chakras are unbelievable, almost like The Hokage’s. He doesn’t seem hostile, he might just want to speak with The Hokage. We’ll give him a welcoming greeting,” said Neji.

(Switch Scene to the entry way into the Konoha gates; a young man from Mizugakure walks into Konoha, people start to take notice and wonder why a mist shinobi has entered Konoha, immediately, he is surrounded by Neji’s attack squad.)

“Why are you here mist shinobi? What do you hope to gain by making your presence appear within our village,” said Neji. “I’m not out for revenge, I just want to have a word with The Hokage,” said Kai. (The scene then switches to Mizugakure, the Mizukage is in her office with two of her aides.)

“Kai has not returned. I fear the worst for the village. The SNA are likely to attack, they were already anxious to shed blood if I had not given them answers immediately,” said Mizukage. “Boss, your survival is of utmost importance,” said aide 1. “Exactly, we will lay down our lives to keep you alive,” said aide 2. (The Mizukage secretly smiles, then quickly lessons up.)

“Now I’ll perform the combined flesh transformation jutsu and you two will take on my form. I promise the village will be cared for and your sacrifice will not go in vain,” said Mizukage. (The two aides both have frightening looks on their faces. A little time goes by as the Mizukage is standing on outskirts of Mizugakure as the mist is quite thick. She is on cliff dawning a blue cloak that has a hood pulled up over her head.)

“Even if my aides are killed, the jutsu’s affect lasts even after death; that should allow me to escape without a trace. Where I’ll go, ha, far away from this mess; I was certain that I had them in my hands, what happened? Everything’s falling apart in front of my eyes like it was ill-constructed from the beginning. No! That’s impossible; I planned everything out and tested every scenario; even if Shisio betrayed me.

There must have been an inside job, there had to of been. Kai never did show up; could it be? No, best not to worry about it, I’d give me wrinkles stressing about it. Once everything blows over, maybe, just maybe; but as for now, I’ll fade away into history, the queen of the waters, the women who once held it all and lost it ever so pathetically,” said Mizukage. (The mist covers her entire position. Once the mist fades, she is no longer seen on the cliff.)

Next Time: A beneficial Meeting.
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