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Re: The Marijuana Subject

Originally Posted by uchihademon91 View Post
what im saying is i dont care if you think im smart based on the vocab i use, im not one to use high vocabulary in the first place, i can, i just find it annoying. i like to use " simple english " if you will, thats just how i am simple.

i didnt articulate it properly... as in use fancy words.... but the point remains the same, no matter what words you use. the particular paragraph in question, that your referring to, has the same point it would if explained in a two to three page essay.

so if you feel the need, to make your self feel smarter by using your fancy language, cuz ime 2oo damn darn dum to go and use the higher vocab provided, then go right ahead.

but if your argument is just because i didn't use the proper vocab, adjectives, sentence structure, punctuation, etc. you need to get a hold of your self there, and stop trying to make your self seem so superior, because your not.

the only thing that i might have been ill- informed on was the assassin thing, which was such a small part of the whole topic, why you guys are even bringing this into consideration is questionable.

and if you'd like to prove your of greater intelligence, i'd love to hear how you would go about this. if you dont mind i'd love to see a how super genius such as yourself would re-write those three sentences or so. try to keep it as short as possible. a genius such as yourself shouldn't have too much trouble with that. so you can ultimately prove to your ego your greater intelligence.

If you honestly think that the way I write is in any way, shape or form 'fancy' then you are more retarded than I originally suspected. I am one of the least articulate oafs on this site. I use horrible HORRIBLE punctuation, words that probably are being used way out of context and oh ya, I'm full of shit 99% of the time.

But you take it to a whole new level. You are trying to make your case that weed should be legal, right?

Then why wouldn't you, as an advocate for your cause, want to seem as intelligent as possible?

I mean, the legality of marijuana is considered a touchy subject by many. With such strong opposition to it, I'd assume you'd want to make the best case possible for it.

Like I said before, it's not even CLOSE that I don't agree with what you are trying to promote. It's just that you, personally, make me want to disagree with it. Since it's people like YOU who make this an even more difficult case to make. (In favor of legalization, or at the least de-criminalization)

Also, I am writing this post while playing Call of Duty, so suck it if it's not as profound as you might have hoped.

I, personally, would love for it to be legalized. It would help this country out AFUCKINGLOT....

...but it's not really as easy as that, since there are (like I've already said) too many idiot stoners out there who would become even greater abusers of the drug. It would actually hurt society in my opinion.

Decriminalization, however, would keep our jails a little emptier by not locking up every dumb ass who gets caught with a little bit of weed.

While still maintaining plenty of law against it.

Back to call of duty now.
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