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Re: The Barbie Conspiracy


it is merely a matter of perspective, whether a girl is drop dead sexy or a sunset is elegant. sure being fit has its medical benefits, but is that what is portrayed and emphasized in advertisements and tv. they advertise looks solely, because it cost more to "look good" than it does to not.

if barbie was used to influence little girls is questionable. children are the most influential beings. whether it be direct influence or subconscious is unkown. it could give them the thought that if you look like barbie, that you to will get a "sexy" husband, a big house, and a nice car. if thats what they were going for i dont know. more back up evidence for this could be if major cosmetic companies, or clothing companies funded or had relations with the barbie industry. if barbie company is just on its own as a toy company, than i find this theory doubtful.

kids might not just see these as toys. if they choose to play with them and the more often they play with, the more likely thats what they might aspire to be like.
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