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Re: The Marijuana Subject

Originally Posted by DarkAztek View Post
Great... Except when I talked about overdosing, that goes for everyone. Your dopamine receptors in your brain WILL cause the effects I described and can be exceptionally dangerous to ANYONE who has not already overloaded them in the past (making them more numb to the sensation). Don't believe me? Give up smoking pot for 2 months. Then get some really strong shit and smoke 2 grams to your face. Lemme know what happens.
There's no such a thing as overdosing on Marijuana, Where did you read this cause I can 100% say its wrong...Unless you smoking your body weight and nobody really does that...

Regardless on whether or not an assassin is a trained killer, MARIJUANA SLOWS DOWN YOUR REFLEXES, CHANGES YOUR PERCEPTION, CAN CAUSE AUDIO AND VISUAL HALLUCINATIONS, AND MAKES YOU FORGETFUL. Do any of those effects sound IDEAL for someone like an assassin? It's even worse if they've been smoking their whole lives seeing as how frequently using pot has some long-term debilitating effects on the body, lung capacity, and a zillion other things.
Marijuana DOES NOT cause hallucinations, you feel mellow and relaxed and yes that can change your perception and slow you down obviously, but it doesn't cause hallucinations...

Okay, you are arguing from personal experience. I'm not. Again, I am an AVID marijuana smoker and I enjoy it quite a bit. The facts of the matter are that it is an addictive substance in the same way lots of things are addictive. Alcoholism, gambling problems, addiction to porn, or any other million things can happen. I am not saying that every person who smokes pot will get addicted, what I am saying is that you are only looking at one HALF of why people become addicted to things. Mental conditions, making things into a habit, oral fixation, and 10 million and one other reasons exist as to why people get hooked on pot sometimes.
Marijuana has no addictive shit, it's all in your mind... If you're strong willed you can stop at anytime.. Marijuana to some is mostly a habit they drop after a while...

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