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Re: The Marijuana Subject

Originally Posted by themadness0308 View Post
If you take up the 'strong-willed' argument against addiction, then you pretty much are saying you can't get addicted to anything.

Well, you can, but through sheer will power quit cold turkey.
You're right in a sense that's it's a lot easier said then done I guess, but i still think it's all in your head..

I've picked up smoking when i was 13 and quit 2 years after it wasn't hard at all I just literally woke up and said i don't wanna smoke anymore, and i stopped it..

I also smoke Pot I enjoy it the feeling is the best and I can always smoke instead of go for something more serious like coke.

But I take constant breaks in smoking, I can smoke for a few months str8 either a few times a week or a few times a day and then just stop for 2 months, and start again..

I wouldn't say I'm addicted cause its not a needed thing in my life, If pot wasn't available to me I wouldn't go seeking for it you know, I'd just say fuck it.

Also to someone who said Heart rate doesn't increase from Pot you should prob stop talking like right about NOW, Pot does indeed cause increase in heart rate. Smoke a Blunt or Joint of anything even if its weak stuff and feel your heart after wards or hold you hand on your chest while you smoke...

Better yet if you want to test it out quicker buy some strong shit (not laced of course), and take a big enough pull for you to cough as soon as you stop feel your heart.
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