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Re: The Marijuana Subject

Originally Posted by uchihademon91 View Post

all the posts related to personal experience, are only to show that the claims you made dont apply to everyone. not only my experience but the experience of people i know do not follow the ones portrayed by your post. in your post you gave the impression that your words were implied to everyone.
Okay, neat. I'll drop the fact that I was not implying such a thing at all (seeing as how I told you I am an avid smoker and I said SOME people about a zillion times). What bothers me here is that YOU completely discounted MY testimonials because you claimed it was just my experience and then used your own personal experiences to combat it. This is a logical fallacy. That is not a good way to win a debate... But I will drop this subject entirely from now on and just stick to the meat and vittles of this conversation.

to overdose you need to consume an incredible amount of marijuana. slight dosages over a period of time, will not cause an overdose to the dopamine receptors. the only factors marijuana really effects with the dopamine receptors, is our memory function, and slight motor functions. this is compared to medicines prescribed and bought over the counter, who can kill with a slight overdose of a few extra pills.
Okay, read how I explained overdosing again. I also did not say that slight use over time causes you to overdose. What I said is that if you are a frequent user, your dopamine receptors basically become dulled to the sensation. You know, it's why if you smoke a lot you need stronger / more weed to get high up to a certain point. The term "burn out" refers to someone who has overloaded their dopamine receptors so much that it effects their daily life in a rather obvious way.

I don't care who you are, if you get high when you smoke pot, you ARE overloading your dopamine receptors each time. Why do you think you feel good? That elated feeling is due to DOPAMINE RECEPTORS GOING OFF IN YOUR BRAIN. The more often this happens, the more it changes your brain's chemistry. (Indeed, smoking even ONCE has a permanent effect on how your brain registers many different neurological responses. I'm not saying that it changes you in a bad or even noticeable way, I'm just pointing out the fact.)

But you CAN overdose in the way I described if you are not used to the sensation. The combined effects of changes audio / visual perception, the general "fuzzy feeling" you get, the increased heart rate, and everything else can be overwhelming to some people. Again, this is not a reason to BAN marijuana (seeing as how lots of legal substances can do the same thing and worse to you)... I'm just telling you that you're wrong in your original arguments that marijuana is "not really a drug" and that it cannot harm you.

i do strongly agree with your point, which was that not everything should be widely available to those who want it. which is a main reason why it wont be legalized. the main point of the thread was to show that marijuana is not illegal because of its effects.
Agreed. Actually, I think that if someone wants to stick something in their body and it doesn't hurt anyone else, then that is their business.

just forget the assassin thing completely.... why you guys are sticking to that so hard is past my logic. the point of the assassin topic was what the government officials were saying. which was that marijuana will cause you to go into an intense rage and kill any body you meet. this is not true correct??
You're right, it won't send you into an intense rage like some propaganda says. However, the stupid assassins nonsense is not a good point to bring up in a marijuana argument. It's stupid, it's wrong, and it does nothing to help your point. It actually makes you look bad and is self-defeating. THAT is why we are all riding you so hard about it.

cigarettes are ten times more harmful than than a marijuana joint. not in every way but they are none the less. the combustion level is very high for marijuana. im not sure if it is higher than a cigarette. all smoke will damage the throat and lungs. no matter what its from, the barbeque or an industrial factory. the chemical content and potency of a cigarette is much more deadly than marijuana. those who smoke marijuana all their life aren't very susceptable to cancer, but cigarette tobacco is almost sure fire to cause cancer. you cant really say marijuana is as harmful as a cigarette.
You're right, cigarettes are much more dangerous than marijuana in comparison... But you should know it is not exactly harmless either. It's plenty dangerous. Although it doesn't have the cancer causing additives that cigarette companies put into their shit, you can really hurt your lungs and your lifetime.

According to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, any substance that is inhaled, regardless of chemical makeup, releases carcinogens into the lungs and throat. In a recent study in Europe, the following was discovered / studied:

Acetaldehyde is one of the biggest causes of cancer and it is in both weed and tobacco. Indeed, tobacco has 4000 different chemicals in it and 60 are known cancer causers. ...BUUUUT pot "contains 50% more carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons including naphthalene, benzanthracene, and benzopyrene, than tobacco smoke." Furthermore:

The researchers add that the ability of cannabis smoke to damage DNA has significant human health implications especially as users tend to inhale more deeply than cigarette smokers, which increases respiratory burden. "The smoking of 3-4 cannabis cigarettes a day is associated with the same degree of damage to bronchial mucus membranes as 20 or more tobacco cigarettes a day," the team adds.
Pretty scary stuff, yeah?

Originally Posted by Myth View Post
There's no such a thing as overdosing on Marijuana, Where did you read this cause I can 100% say its wrong...Unless you smoking your body weight and nobody really does that...
You are thinking about overdosing in terms of death. Read what I wrote before:

"What I'm saying is that for the uninitiated who have too much, it can definitely cause an acute panic anxiety reaction. People describe this reaction as an extreme fear of "losing control" and although it cannot kill you (and goes away in a few hours), it can be quite the bad experience."

Marijuana DOES NOT cause hallucinations, you feel mellow and relaxed and yes that can change your perception and slow you down obviously, but it doesn't cause hallucinations...
You haven't had the good shit then. It definitely messes up perception enough that it can cause such a thing. Many strains of weed advertise a "trippy sensation."
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