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Re: 2012

Originally Posted by Tzu men View Post
No less vague and more tenuous no doubt.

Pretending for a moment that this alleged book does exist, anything derived from sequences in lines as a prediction will be a bogus as the Bible code. Also it's a pity translation of such old languages can hold much to interpretation.

Myrddin Wyllt was also a madman, if were are to trust tenuous predictions such as his 2012 prophesy that traverses the pathetic 2012 sites, then he also predicted a successful Celtic uprising against the Normans. All that is really known historically about the man was that he probably did exist, all of his prophesies are likely to be yet more fiction from the Welsh.

Pure speculation.

Was this according to a 2012 website or a tv history documentary?

Oh. I guess they don't at all have a vested interest in producing such a programme and that most television documentaries are renowned for accuracy and in depth analysis.

It's not like a movement of one of the sun's many satellites occurs every year anyway. I wonder how astrology has managed to fool people for so long?

Then why revive an almost year old topic?
any and all predictions are pretty vague.... although mayans had some pretty accurate predictions (maybe)

well of course they're gonna have a show thats in popular interest to the public, and play with the facts to benefit them. however there is little truth in it.

there are astrological alignments that occur once every 10,000 or 20,000 years. i believe theres one that happens once every 25000 some odd years and its supposed to happen around 2012. how ancient civilizations interpret some of these astrological "signs" varies. whether it be connected to their religion or their cultural way of life.

this topic is more than a year old, and is gonna be talked about until 2012 passes. i had an opinion on the subject and i saw this thread. sorry if i wasnt here when you guys started this thread. i was fuckin bored and saw this thread. im not saying that all or anything i posted was true, its just what i heard. it is a fact that this is what i heard, no where did i back up this info as being legit.
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