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Re: The Marijuana Subject

seeing colors and hearing ringing aren't really hallucinations

seeing colors is just your eyes being effected to percieve light differently, not sure on specifics, but something involving the color spectrum being focused through your optical lenses. i know when im laying down sometimes and get up i can hear a slight ringing, and if i focus on it i can really hear it, but any other slight outside sound i can hear clearly. i wouldnt call that a hallucination.

every now and then, now matter who you are, you'll get a slight sensation of paranoia and psyche your self out. its usually more of a self induced paranoia, just from your thought process under the influence. for instance, if your smokin at home and your not supposed to. and some one should be coming home soon but you dont know when, and every 10 minutes you could swear that you heard a knock on the front door or the door unlocking or the car pull into the driveway, even tho your in your back yard (oddly enough your correct sometimes, it helps if you go check on every little noise tho). or your walkin down the street and your almost certain you saw the reflection of cop lights in a house window or something.

but slight color and sound disorientation that go away once you focus on them, wouldnt really be hallucinations
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