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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-The Beneficial Meeting

(The Scene starts off in a mountainous region. Sasuke, Shisio, Yuki, and Ryu are hiking over the rough terrain.)

“Something’s coming,” said Sasuke. “Trackers most likely, Ryu hasn’t returned home for his mission,” said Shisio. “Oh my, look at little Ryu; so, he has a little mischievous side to him,” said the smiling Yuki. “Hey, it was these guys that forced me to go along and applied unreasonable force to hook me in. But, we ain’t getting out of this without a tough struggle if I know my village’s tracker unit. Don’t kill them, I’m not trying to follow in anyone of you guys’ footsteps,” said Ryu.

“You’re asking for too much kid,” said Shisio. (Ryu looks slightly annoyed.) “There’s four of them, it’ll be a piece of cake,” said Sasuke. (Yuki walks over and pats Ryu on the head in order to sooth his nerves.) “If it’s for you, I’ll spare them,” said Yuki. “I’m not some dog,” said the sighing Ryu.

(Immediately, the team is surrounded by four tracker members.)

“Ryu, we’ve found you,” said Tracker 1. “Shit,” said Ryu. “Come back now,” yelled Tracker 2. “Raikage has informed us to use whatever force required to bring you back,” said Tracker 3. “Heh, I’ll be sure to never thank her,” said Ryu. “Snobby brat! Just because you’re one of our best agents doesn’t mean you can just do as you please, especially around these rift rafts,” said Tracker 4.

“A bunch of s-class acts, is this what you want to be a part of,” asked Tracker 1. “The Bingo book listed Hatake Yuki as an s-class criminal for high level of treason during the 4th shinobi war. Konoha has you listed down on paper to be captured upon immediate sight. She is also a famous thief in this region, how Raikage ignored your presence for this long is nothing short of a whim; what shame, bringing ill fortune to your father’s highly recognized name,” said Tracker 2.

“Seems I live up to my high standards,” said the smiling Yuki. “Then we have Shisio of the destroyed Devil’s Army from Mizugakure. What the hell are you doing here,” asked Tracker 3. “This man with the sharingan, he couldn’t possibly be Uchiha Sasuke could he,” asked Tracker 4. “Yes, his whereabouts seemed to have disappeared over two decades ago. His appearance has changed dramatically from this photo; though it is definitely him. Konoha’s Hokage let him live; and as he later escaped to a foreign land to avoid detection,” said Tracker 1.

(Shisio pulls out his blade.) “It has been a long time since my blade has tasted blood,” said Shisio. “I said don’t kill them,” yelled Ryu. “We can’t fight them. Even one of them against the 4 of us would be insane. These guys are just that good,” said Tracker 2. “We’ll retreat, we never expected Ryu to have betrayed us, let alone to have joined these group of three,” said Tracker 4. “Ryu, we’ll capture you one way or another,” said Tracker 3. “Enjoy your time in the shade, for now on, you’re an enemy to the village of Kumogakure. And when the sun shines down on you, you’ll roast,” said Tracker 1. (They instantly vanish in clouds of smoke.)

“Heh,” sniggered Shisio. (He places his blade away.) “I’m just glad they’re alright,” said Ryu. “Think of yourself as a missing-nin, that is all,” said Sasuke. (Ryu looks overly annoyed.) “I never asked for this,” said Ryu. (Sasuke looks back at Ryu’s angered face.) “Then just go! I’ll find someone else if you feel so attached to your precious little home. I don’t blame you; you are but a child just rushed in the heat of confusion,” said Sasuke. “I was just,” said Ryu before getting cut off. (Shisio walks over to Ryu, drags out his blade and places under his neck.) “Don’t say a word, or my hand will slip. I’m fed up with your shit talk. You either do what you’re told or I’ll kill you. It would pain me for us to go out and have to look for someone else, when you can just do your job now! Perform to the best of your ability and I get what I want out of the deal. If you mess up, I’ll kill your ass and dump your waste into the nearest river,” said Shisio.

(He places his sword away as Ryu calms down and shuts up.) “You’re cold,” said Yuki. “Let’s move on; once we escape into the Fire Country, Kumogakure’s forces with diminish a little, but always keep your guard on, especially you, Ryu. We have just a little ways to go, I know a place in the Fire Country where we can rest up,” said Sasuke.

“Eww, looks like I may get some alone time with one of you lucky fellows,” said the blushing Yuki. “It’s the Uchiha clan armory isn’t it,” said Ryu. “Not so dumb after all,” said Shisio. “I guess he knows a little something,” said Yuki. “Correct, it is a safe house my clan use to use during the time they were in battle and on missions when they were alive; we’ll get fed and equipped some necessary gear for the trails ahead. It is home to Ninja Cats; threat them well,” said Sasuke. “I hate animals,” thought Shisio. “Alight, let’s head out,” yelled Sasuke.

(They rush on towards the Fire Country; the scene soon switches to Konoha. In the Hokage’s office, Kai has just informed Shikamaru and The Hokage of matters involving Mizukage’s involvement with the SNA and her exploits during the 4th Shinobi War.)

“Impossible,” said Shikamaru. “Is this what you’re telling me? Just as I feared, it was worse than I thought,” said The Hokage. “So, it was you who attacked Kumogakure’s Armory 7 years ago! We should hold you in contempt of the allied Nations,” yelled Shikamaru. “Shikamaru calm down! He said he wasn’t aiding her anymore; thus risked everything to have a meeting with us. We can play hush, hush if you just tell me of Mizukage’s motives,” said The Hokage. “Sometimes that Naruto is too lenient,” thought Shikamaru.

“Thank you, I appreciate it. The Mizukage wants the world to be reborn,” said Kai. “Reborn,” asked The Hokage. “Yes. She enjoys the thought of an alternate restructured shinobi civilization. From the ground up, she wants the world to re-grow and evolve; and with her hands, wishes to spur the change. Like a parent raising child into adulthood,” said Kai. “Where does she get off trying to monopolize the world,” asked Shikamaru. “No, that’s not her goal. She considers herself the guardian of the shinobi world, one who believes she can dictate the events that transpire ever after her death,” said Kai. “Mizukage, who the hell is she,” questioned The Hokage.

“Power isn’t her ultimate goal, but she needs it in order for change to start. With the tailed beasts and the power of her nation, she wanted to eradicate the shinobi world with the aid of the SNA. She would later go down in history as the one who inspired rebirth of the shinobi world. Though, how the world would turn out after her death, is any body’s guess. And killing just for the sake of being known as the one who gave birth to the shinobi world, is admirable only in her eyes and those who respect the conventional way of the shinobi; she knew she’d be known for infamy by the mass, but she would still be known as the one who gave birth to the shinobi world, regardless of how it might came out. In that sense, she would be known as a God,” said Kai.

“Impossible,” said Shikamaru. “Insane,” said The Hokage. “Though, she is playing with the SNA, and they have powerful means for resistance and horrifying chakras. I don’t know their goals and they’ve become radical in the past year or so. Plus, the SNA already hardly trust Mizukage anymore. I’m afraid they’ve caught all of the hosts. There is one more Bijuu on there, the Ichibi, and I’m sure they’re going to get it. But, I come to you because I’m the 8 tailed host and in my possession I hold three Bijuu sealed within chakra compression scrolls. Between us, are five Bijuu powers considering you’re the Kyuubi’s host; I plan to strike a deal with you, so we can at least build up an army to stand up against them,” said Kai.

(Immediately, 4 shinobi barge into The Hokage’s office upon being notified previously of their mission; they are ready to execute.)

“Uzumaki Sensei, reporting for duty,” said Dosa. “We get to work alongside one of The Hokage’s students; I hope we don’t choke,” said Mai. “We’re extremely honored to carry out a mission for lord Hokage,” said Kou. “Mission…….Accepted………We………….Execut e,” said Tabito.

"New mission. Capture Mizukage," said The Hokage.

"What in the world," questioned Shikamaru. "This man, he's pretty radical himself," said Kai.

Next Time: The Hokage join forces with Kai. The new mission to capture Mizukage commences.
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