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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

idk y everyone is so mean.. i came on here to talk to people with similar interests but i get bashed from everyone bc they think their opinions mean something.. i am obv. not someone with mutiple accounts because if we did share the same account how did we post at practically the same time? and if you really want to check the ip address FOR REAL between me and kitty go ahead and i'll be laughing at you when you find out ur wrong bc i am on a totally different computer than she is so if i can talk to someone in charge that'd be awesome.. ur just as perverted as these young boys telling us to make out.. i thought mods were mature guess i was wrong..

whoever this "g" guy is shouldnt be sexist and maybe you should all realize that this is a very immature conversation.. girls dont stay in the kitchen.. and i would hope that guys dont act like cavemen but it seems with all of you beating your chests and grunting that i might be wrong.. maybe i'll go back to the kitchen and you can go on being jerks bashing people for no reason..

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