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Re: The Marijuana Subject

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
So then your argument is that these colours and ringing sound were actually there, and a stoned DA attributed it to the weed instead of coming to the obvious conclusion that altering your state of mind alters the physical world around you?

ok.... so when you you get out of a pool with chlorine, and your eyes are burning and you see rainbow like colors, your hallucinating?? so you can hallucinate from swimming in a pool of chlorine?? and when you hear a loud pop, like a firecracker, and your ears are ringing, that is a hallucination also?? or is it only a hallucination if you smoke marijuana??

what kind of colors were you seeing when you were "hallucinating"?? was it a straight solid color that took up most of your vision?? like was the tree purple?? or were you only seeing colors outside during the day or near light?? seeing spots of colors that have a rainbow like attribute or seeing oddly brightened lights near a light source, that is just your eyes refracting the light differently than normal, which can be cause by a number of things. a hallucination would be more like looking at green balloon and seeing red.

are you saying that mind altering substances alter the physical world around you or is that what you thought i was saying. because if thats what you are saying than........ wow

@ fairy....... that was a fucked up joke.
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